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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC One Double Dip Case review

HTC One Double Dip Case review

When the HTC One phone first came out, HTC released two official cases called the HTC Double Dip Flip and the HTC Double Dip Hard Shell.  I reviewed the HTC Double Dip Flip earlier in the year but have not had an opportunity to review the HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell case until now.  Let’s find out how this case performs.


The Double Dip Hard Shell arrives in three pieces and can be purchased in two different color schemes.  You can either get it with a red top, a gray bottom, and a light gray back or you can get it with a black top, black bottom, and a gray back.    Or, if you have both type of cases, you can also mix and match them to customize your case.  The top and bottom piece are made out of rubber while the back piece is made out of polycarbonate.


Putting your phone in this case is a very simple procedure.  All that is required is to slide your your phone into the back piece and then attach the top and bottom parts to it.  With the exception of an exposed display, this case offers good protection for the HTC One.  It does have raised edges for setting your phone face down but you will probably want to add a screen protector for added protection.

The Double Dip case has cutouts for the power button, headphone jack, micro-USB port, microphone, back camera, front camera, and the LED notification light.  The volume rocker is covered but I found that using it feels very stiff.  It’s not a deal breaker but something to be aware of.


This case does add some bulk and weight to the HTC One but it’s not to the extent of an Otterbox case.  You will probably notice the difference if you are making a phone call for an extended period of time.  When using this case, all of the HTC One’s functions are fully accessible.  You shouldn’t experience any drawbacks while using this case.

After using the Double Dip case for quite some time, I noticed that the top and bottom part are starting to get dirty along the edges.  I’ve noticed the same thing occurring on other cases that also have rubber parts.  If you like to keep your phone looking fresh and clean, this might be an issue for you.

Custom Double Dip Case

While the original HTC One Double Dip case has been available since the handset went on sale 11 months ago, HTC just recently launched its HTC One Custom Double Dip case maker tool which allows you to mix and match a variety of different colors for the top middle and bottom panels, giving you over a hundred different color combinations options. Currently, the HTC One Custom Double Dip Case is only available in the US, but we expect that will change once the All New 2014 HTC One hits store shelves this spring.

Final Verdict

There is not much to dislike about the HTC One Double Dip Hard Shell case.  If you are looking for adequate protection for your HTC One, I would recommend this case since it offers good good protection without hampering your phone’s functions.

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  1. Is it easy to clean the stains from the case? And have you experienced any of the scratching of the phone that various users have reported?

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