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HTC Source | December 16, 2017

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HTC One Android 4.4.2 update now available across Asia

HTC One Android 4.4.2 update now available across Asia

Following Verizon’s release of the HTC One Android 4.4.2 update here in the US, we have started to receive random messages that unlocked versions of the HTC One in Asia have started to receive the update. So far we’ve been able to confirm that the update is rolling out to HTC One owners in Malaysia, Indonesia, India and Hong Kong. HTC has not shared an official changelog for the update, but we’re going to assume that the software build comes with the same feature (NFC Tap & Pay, cloud printing, Bluetooth profiles, enhancements to BlinkFeed, Video Highlights, camera improvements, and an updated keyboard ) we’ve already seen on the US and European Android 4.4.2 HTC One builds.

To check if the Android 4.4.2 update is available for your HTC One, go to Settings > Phone Update > Check for Update > Download Now. If you have received the update in a country not listed above, please leave us comment to let us know what country you are in.

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Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Aanwg Rana Magar

    When I get in my HTC one in Android 4.4 kitkat in Saudi Arabia??

    • nawwaf

      Hmm, no answer

  2. Nkashani

    Not yet in Tajikistan…

  3. Mohammed Numan

    When I get the Kitkat update 4.4 on my Htc one in Saudi Arabia? Although it’s now available in the most of markets.

    Reply me please

  4. Rehan

    I’m currently downloading 4.4 kitkat on my HTC One in Pakistan. The built number it says is 4.20.708.10 that’s (431.49 MB)

    • zohaib

      Hay rehan.
      How did u get kitkat in pakistan
      Please help

      • Ahemd

        Probably Rehan is using Google play edition

    • Danial

      hey i am from pakistan too but i didn’t get update how do you get it

    • fayzan ali

      I live in Lahore and still no update here…where u from…

  5. Javier Navarro

    I’m in Colombia and I haven’t received the kitkat update yet . I’m worry about it

  6. govindu

    I’m in france and I haven’t received the kitkat update yet .

  7. Anxious in Dubai

    We’re in Dubai and nothing for us here yet ! Cmon HTC – do something !

  8. RICK

    I just got 4.4.2 AT&T here in the US

  9. Tafhim Ahmed

    Ahhhh I just installed Kitkat. I am from Bangladesh…. Thank you HTC>>>>>>>

  10. hazlami

    my htc one is having a problem downloading the 4.4.2 update, it’s been a few days now. when i started download the update it says ‘download unsuccessful’ and say the download is corrupted, and when I restart the download it show the same thing. I even trying to restart my phone a couple of times but its still the same..can anybody help me…

    • Stanlee

      Am getting the same thing 4 times now, if you get a solution please let me know

  11. MADGE

    What about htc one 802w

  12. I’m in iran (Persia) and I haven’t received the kitkat update yet come on HTC we are waiting for so long

  13. kapil jolly

    I have an unlocked HTC one, bought in UK. 32gb black, single SIM. It keeps saying no updates available and is currently running 4.3

    I live in India.

  14. Mike Lim
  15. Thank you for sharing.

  16. Ammad

    I am from pakistan i hve not received update yet

  17. Nabeel from Pakistan.

    Recieving the update notification. But gives me download corrupt error after I finish downloading. Have been trying since yesterday morning. Also the update is about 585.55 mb and takes like 4 hours to download. The error after the download is done is getting on my nerves. I have also tried reset, power off and on, and also the stop UPDATER and removed data and cache but still of no avail. Damn it. HTC why you doing this to me. ;[

  18. Ramil

    not in China yet

  19. What about Taiwan, HTC (Taiwanese smartphone manufacturer)? Surely TW should get the update first!

    • There is no update on IRAN I’m tired of waiting Do something HTC

  20. Rizwan

    Hi Guys,

    Any luck for HTC ONE Kitkat 4.4 updates in Pakistan ?

    I have Spanish (Euro) version

    • Ahemd

      No, still waiting

  21. So far no news for 4.4.2 update on HTC One in Lahore, Pakistan. I am using O2 unlocked version. Keeping my fingers crossed. Hopefully we will get that in few days time.

  22. Taiwan 4.20.709.14 Update out! Downloading now. (428.88MB)

  23. 4.4.2 Updated successfully first time in Taiwan now, without a hitch!

  24. Samveer

    hey, I am from Bangladesh, using HTC One. my phne is factory unlocked. bought from Orange, UK. In my country many of users got 4.4.2 update. But Still i haven’t got the update. pls help…. 🙁 🙁 🙁

  25. shaiban

    fellow htc users,
    I am using htc one dualsim 802w version (Chinese version, shipped with android 4.1.2). this phone does not seem to have an option to check for software updates. I checked with other htc one singlesim phones. they do have an option.
    does it mean that the phone has to be in china to receive update?
    Does a phone have to be in its region to receive updates?
    please help.

  26. Tahmaseeb

    From Bangladesh, seems like a lot of the ppl from Bangladesh got the update. still waiting for mine. wondering whats HTC’s deployment policy is….

  27. Ahemd

    Downloading 4.4.2 update in Pakistan

    • Danial

      Rizwan and ahmad where you people from?? cz i am from faisalabad and still I checked for update no, says up to date. 🙁 please help have you people google version ?

      • Rizwan

        Hi Danial,

        I am from Islamabad, work for Telenor Group, so get the info from Hubcos, luckily got my HTC from Europe, and finally got the updates and all went smooth,

        Bro the issue is, if we have have non EU device then u have to wait till March, sorry for that, this is also happening to my colleagues and friends who have non EU 🙁

        And don’t worry nothing changed after updates only battery icon is white, rest remain same, on the back-end, size of OS reduce to 300MB and services optimized, but not noticeable

        Things noticeable in Jul-14 with Sense 6.0

        • Danial

          Hi rizwan
          mine HTC is also from Germany then I should have get new update. then why this kolaveri Man 🙁

          • Rizwan

            Sorry bro wrong part of Europe, should be Norway , Spain , France n few more

            Anyways there is no difference after installation , all will look same, just a liitle bit fast which is unnoticeable

            Wait till March bro

    • sikandar

      bahi mera abi tk 4.3 he hy?? please tell what to do??

  28. Rizwan

    Successfully updated to Kitkat on HTC One (in Pakistan)

  29. Rathnakumar Kandhikattu

    I brought m’y HTC one from riyadh.i am from india still no kitkat update for me.

    • apoorv

      Same problem.. Bought it from Riyadh.using in India.. no update yet..

  30. Shahzad

    Pakistan – I have a HTC one UK version. Still no update for me!

    • Shahzad

      Finally, it is downloading now on mine in Pakistan.

      • Shahzad

        Download completed successfully. Running 4.4.2

  31. shaik

    when can Saudi arabia will get HTC 4.4 update??

  32. Edwin Indera

    I’m from Indonesia and using HTC One Dual sim, there’s no update to 4.4 for my phone. Anyone can help me please? Thanks before

  33. Vraj Parekh

    My friend have got update 4.4.2
    But I haven’t received yet…
    I live in India but my One is manufactured in UK…

  34. Vraj Parekh

    I live in India …but my HTC One is manufactured in UK…
    Still I haven’t received the update yet 4.4.2

  35. Arman

    living in Iran and still no 4.4.2 update available for us.. uhhh God helps us they’ve terminated us already.

  36. iskender


    ı’m from turkey.but htc one suudi arabia 4.4.2?

    • Baybars

      Same here bro, waiting for arabs to update. Lazy ones

  37. Khan

    When will kit Kat available for HTC one in Saudi Arabia.

  38. still no update in IRAN I’m Desperate

  39. Pranjal Mishra


    when i try updating the software version 4.20.707.7 on my HTC One, i use to get a message that the download is unsuccessful. Then during a find out i got a message stating ” the download system software update is corrupted”.

    Help me out!!!!!!!!

  40. Adwan

    I m from Pakistan i also didn’t get update 4.4.2

  41. mike

    no news for Italy. still the 4.2 only

  42. Aidy

    have this now in Manchester, England….how ever, when I tried to download the update, it comes up with ”update unsuccessful”, WHY is this? they got rid of flash player too, probably programmed by the idiot who took T9 keyboard off….Fire him!

  43. karpat

    Australia. I have been receiving the msg for this update for two weeks. Same issue as others with the download corrupted message.
    Has anyone received a response? MOST FRUSTRATING

  44. Asad

    I am trying to update the system, as it’s showing system update is available but when I m trying update it’s not downloading and showing the error that update is corrupted. I m using HTC one LTE in UAE.

  45. Umair

    Hi all, Iam from Pakistan, iam using HTC one x AT&T version when I check update manually it’s give massage SERVER UNAVAILABLE check Software updates under settings when service is available Plz help me ??

    • Anas

      Same issue here. if u got any solution revert me back kindly.

  46. Ahsan

    Hi All, i am from Pakistan, i am using HTC ONE, i have checked many times but did not get any update of kikat.

  47. Hussain

    Hello, I have HTC One Verizon wireless factory unlocked and i am looking for Android 4.4 kitkat upgrade. I am unable to get direct update because i m in Pakistan now. Can anyone help me that how to upgrade my phone please?

  48. dheeraj sikri from india

    Same story. Iam using htc one m7 in india but modeis purchased from uk. Still running at 4.3when can i expect kitkat update.

  49. M. Salman

    I’m from Pakistan, haven’t received any update or news about 4.4.2 update on my M7, been waiting for like ever….checking it constantly,
    please tell me when its going to be officially roll out in Pakistan?

  50. Uday

    So i have the HTC One Dual Sim 802w – Guess what ! ! there is no software update tab in “settings>about ! ! ! Anyone know if where i can get this update or shall i change over to another manufacturer ! !

    HTC really overlooked this ! !

    Annoyed HTC fan !

  51. Abdulkhaliq

    I am from Yemen. .. fail update from phone setting