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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC One Seidio Ledger Flip Case review

HTC One Seidio Ledger Flip Case review

Back in May, I reviewed the HTC Double Dip Flip, which is a case that has a front flip cover similar to the Samsung Galaxy Flip Cover.  Today, I will be reviewing a similar case by Seidio called the Ledger.  Let’s find out how this case stacks against the HTC licensed one.

Price: MSRP $34.95


The Ledger is available in two colors: red and dark gray.  Please note that these two colors are only on the actual front flip cover and not the whole case.  The back of the case is in the color black and the interior of the case is dark gray.  To clarify, the one I will be reviewing today is the one in red.

The front flip cover is made out of Italian Polyurethane, which gives it a cloth-like texture.  There are two slits in the front flip cover for the speakers and a small Seidio logo etched on the bottom right corner.  Unfortunately,the speaker cutout is not sized correctly because it blocks the notification light.  The interior on the back of the front flip cover is made out of a soft microfiber.  It also has a slot that can hold an ID or a credit card.

The back of the case is made out of a hard plastic and has a cutout for the camera and microphone.  There is also a cutout for the volume rocker but the top and bottom of the case are completely open.  Although the volume rocker has a cutout, it ironically had a piece of plastic running alongside the volume rocker.  I don’t really know the purpose of it and it actually made pressing the volume more difficult.  Since it was a thin piece of plastic, it actually broke off!  However, it is not very noticeable and I personally prefer the case without it.


The HTC One fits perfectly inside the case.  It is not too tight and it is not as loose as the HTC One Double Dip Flip.  Unlike the HTC one, the cutouts on the top and bottom are exposed so they can be damaged if you drop your phone on either of those edges.  The case does an extended lip but it is very, very minimal.  You will always want to make sure that the front flip cover is closed if you set your phone face down.  Despite all that, I believe this case gives adequate protection for your phone as long as you are not the kind of person who drops their phone all the time.


This case is very light and does not add any significant weight.  The material feels premium and it feels really good when you hold it in your hands.  The card slot is a nice touch but I feel leery about putting in my ID or a credit card in it.  Instead, I use the slot to put my business cards in it.

There are a few minor things that I do not like about this case.  The first one is that the front cover is already starting to get dirty on the edges.  It only seems to affect the edges so it wouldn’t be a deal breaker for me.  However, it might be an issue for those that like to keep their case super clean.

Another thing that I dislike about this case is that the notification light is blocked by the speaker cutout.  This is certainly not an issue if you use sounds for notifications.  However, if you are in a place where you need to turn off your sound, you would be unable to tell if you have a notification without constantly opening your case.  I suppose you could just leave the front flip cover open but that would defeat the purpose of this case.

The last thing I dislike about this case is that when you are taking a picture or video, the front flip cover can sometimes hinder you from taking that great shot.  It didn’t happen very often but there were a few instances when I took off the case to take that perfect shot.  I take a lot of pictures but this only happened to me a handful of times.

Final Verdict

I really like the HTC One Seidio Ledger case.  The Seidio Ledger Flip Case is not a perfect by any means and it certainly has its flaws, but the hardly detract from the many positives the case has to offer. Out of all the cases that I possess, this has been my go to case.  It offers adequate protection and is also very stylish.  It feels really good in my hand – a premium case for a premium device.

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  1. sachin

    what a wonderful set………………………….

  2. Juanster

    I’m off topic here, but in the reflection it looks like you’re using a phone or tablet for the images? What did you use?

    Other than that, your review helped me decide whether or not I would buy this case. I was looking at this case already so your review came at just the right time. Sadly, on occasion, I depend on my LED indicator. Such a simple thing too…

    • Pictures were snapped with another HTC One.

  3. Daniel

    I believe a lot of case designers had to go back to the drawing board once the HTC One was released. Many renders had cases that covered the top and bottom of the device–the manufacturers then had to scrap these mark I designs to provide for open tops and bottoms for the IR blaster and the microUSB port.

    Seidio seems to be one of the more responsive accessory designers, and I hope they address this seemingly premium case with one that expands the speaker ports to accommodate the LED indicator. This seems a fundamental requirement.