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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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T-Mobile HTC One gets software update to improve LTE connectivity, enhance processor and improve software stability

T-Mobile HTC One gets software update to improve LTE connectivity, enhance processor and improve software stability

T-Mobile is rolling out a software update for the HTC one which included improved LTE connectivity, processor efficiency improvements and minor software tweaks to improve overall stability. The 1.27.531.11 update weighs in at 247 MB. This is not the android 4.2.2 update that we’ve been waiting for, but it’s nice to see that HTC and T-Mobile are working hard to make sure that the handset if working as efficiently as possible.

If you have not yet received the update on your T-Mobile HTC One, you can ping HTC’s servers manually by going to Settings > About > Software Updates > Check now. 

Source: T-Mobile

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  1. lolo

    Why is this update dated for 5/24 on T-Mobile website??? When you click on the T-Mobile link at the bottom it takes you to Jive, T-Mobile forum, and the update number is dated in May.

    • T-Mobile keeps a single forum thread for all for all software update for a single device. You’ll notice details regarding the latest update at the very top of the thread.

      • lolo

        I noticed that after I posted, lol… thanks!

  2. HTC could release official instructions how to go from htc one sense 5 to htc one nexus. It cannot be too difficult.

    • lowrider

      that’s what xda is for, why do the instructions need to come from htc? That would never happen.

  3. mcgtech69

    Still no update in Houston. Has anyone seen it yet?

  4. ChiverRay1000

    Still no update in California. I have tried to check in as well as check for updates and nothing. I even tried to download from HTC website like some articles say you can do, but nothing is there. Anyone know what is going on? I tried contacting T-Mobile who told me to call HTC who told me to call Google. So I gave up. lol. Wish I knew how to be patient.

  5. mcgtech69

    The update is as promised. It’s gone from 1-2 lte bars to 3-4. Also, when Real Racing 3 got it’s last update I saw a little lag when loading cutscenes. The cpu improvement in this update has made a noticeable improvement there.

  6. KOLIO

    T-MOBILE HTC ONE owners might wanna hold off on the update,HDR MODE is broke,a fix to come out soon,so says HTC:

  7. mad max

    Did the update HTC One T-Mo Kansas City, used to get one bar LTE at my house now I get only 4G. Been completely unimpressed by LTE Service through T-Mo on the HTC One. LTE to 4G switching seems set at a certain DB, nearest LTE tower is a block south?
    Lame….Lame…Lame, guess ya get what ya pay for.