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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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Rumor: Dual-SIM HTC device code named Z4 on the horizon

Rumor: Dual-SIM HTC device code named Z4 on the horizon

We’re not sure where Twitter user @evleaks gets all of this info, but last night a small batch of various code names were leaked from the reliable source of mobile tech information to include one interesting reference to a device from HTC. At this point everything listed below is strictly a rumor and it could be months before another mention of this device surfaces or given the flow of information on the Internet these days we could have a blurry cam photo by the end of today (no promises).

The head honcho at the HTC Rumor Mill suggests a new device called the Z4 is on the horizon from our beloved mobile manufacturer. Another leaked bit of data we were able to dig up suggests the HTC Z4 will come with a dual-SIM setup likely pointing to a device capable of operating world wide.


Stay tuned into HTC Source as we keep our eyes and ears open for more detailed information on this upcoming device.

If the HTC Z4 is destined to be a flagship phone, what characteristics would you like to see in it that set it apart from and above the HTC One?

Sources: @evleaks & HTCSoku


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