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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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T-Mobile HTC One software update now available

T-Mobile HTC One software update now available

Sometime between late last night and this morning T-Mobile published a software update for the HTC One. We don’t quite know all that is included in the update at this time, but we are keeping our eyes peeled for a bit of an explanation of what we just downloaded.

All that we can tell you so far is that the system update is only 18.07 MB in size, will bring your software number up to version 1.27.531.8, and apparently contains important enhancements and bug fixes.

If your T-Mobile HTC One hasn’t notified you of the update yet, you can manually check in by going to your settings > About > Software updates. From there the phone will automatically check the server to see if it has the latest software available. If there is something newer out there you will get a notice to download it. We’ll be watching T-Mobile’s page for more details.



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  1. jimmy

    Mine won’t install. Update failed.

  2. lionell

    I tried to install the update too and it gets to the installation screen , then I get the red triangle. Can someone help me