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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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HTC One Nillkin Super Frosted case review

HTC One Nillkin Super Frosted case review

The Nillkin Super Frosted Case is a very nice case that offers minimum protection.  If you are looking for Otterbox like protection, this is not the case for you.  The Otterbox is well known for maximum protection.  However, the trade off with that maximum protection comes in the form of extra bulk and thickness.  If you are looking for a case to maintain the slimness of your HTC One, then this case is definitely worth looking into.

Price: MSRP $25.49, you can purchase the Nillkin Super Frosted Case from Mobile Fun.


The one I will be reviewing today comes in the black color.  However, according to the packaging, it will also be available in blue, pink, purple, clear, and green.  The case is created by using precise injection molding machines which makes it a perfect fit for your HTC one.  The inside of the case is smooth but the back of the case has a matte finish due to UV painting.  The sides of the case feel like a smooth suede.  The case is very light and is somewhat flexible.  There are cutouts for the power button, headphone jack, micro-USB port, microphone, flash, camera, and volume rocker.


Besides the actual case, the Nillkin Super Frosted also comes with a screen protector for additional protection.  The screen protector is ultra thin and is coated with anti-scratch.  Using the screen protector will help prevent finger prints smudges, scratches, and dust.

The case itself is made from highly durable polycarbonate (PC) materials which makes it shock absorbent and shatter and scratch proof.  This also makes the case very light and somewhat flexible.  Putting your phone into the case is very easy.  Just slide the phone in and make sure that it snaps into place.  It is not a very tight fit but your phone is secure and will not move around.

The front of the case has raised edges but it is nearly flushed with the phone screen.  Interestingly, the edges around the corner of your phone is lower than the rest.  Unfortunately, this means that the corner edges of your phone is left exposed for potential damage.  With this in mind, I would recommend using the provided screen protector for maximum protection.

Unlike other cases, the cutouts for the micro-USB port, power button, and headphone jack are a little different.  Rather than having specific cutouts for those functions, there is just one big cutout.  This means that the bottom and top of your phone is completely exposed.  If you drop your phone on either edge, you will more than likely damage your phone.  The cutouts for the volume rocker and camera are more in line with other cases.  They are both well made, I was especially impressed with the cutout for the camera.


When using this case, I really like how it feels in my hand.  It is so light that it makes you feel like your phone is not in a case.  The sides are also very comfortable to hold since it feels like you are holding a smooth suede.  It contrasts very nicely with the matte finish on the back of the phone.  One of my concerns about the matte finish is that it can feel slippery if your hands are sweaty or wet.  This could potentially lead to accidentally dropping your phone.

Final Verdict

When I first received the Nillkin Super Frosted Case, I didn’t think too highly of it.  However, after using it for sometime, I have decided that I really like it despite the minimum protection it provides.  This case is definitely not for everyone.  I would recommend it to those who prefer to rock their HTC One naked or to those who want a case to keep the slimness of their phone.

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