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HTC Source | February 22, 2018

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HTC One Car Kit Dock Review

HTC One Car Kit Dock Review

If you were able to pre-order the HTC One through the T-Mobile website early enough, an HTC car kit was shipped along with the phone. At no additional cost, this was an amazing offer. However, this offer was only available until the supplies lasted and I was fortunate enough to receive one.

Price: you can find the HTC One Car Kit on Amazon for less than $70.


The car kit is mostly in the color black and is made out of plastic, except for the swivel neck which is made out of metal.  The swivel neck rotates so it can hold your phone in a vertical or horizontal position and can also tilt at a maximum angle of 45 degrees.

To place your HTC One into the cradle, all you need to do is to slide it in bottom side first.  The first thing you will notice is that the car kit only covers half of the phone.  Since it does not have clips, your phone can easily slide out of the dock, which can be cause for concern.  To prevent this, you need to utilize the provided micro-USB cable.  The car dock has a cutout for the cable and you have to push it in until you hear a clicking sound.  Your phone can then be held in place via its micro-USB port.  The USB cable is separate from the car charger so you have the option of charging or not charging your phone.

Please note that the car holder will fit your phone perfectly.  However, this also means that you will not be able to use it if you have a phone cover.  You will have to take your phone cover off before using it which could be a frustrating experience for some people.

The HTC Car Kit includes:

  • Car Kit
  • USB Cable
  • Car Charger


Mounting the car holder is a very simple task.  You have the option of doing it on either the car windshield or dashboard.  If you are going to mount it on the windshield, all you need to do is peel off the protective plastic sheet from the suction pad and then find your preferred location.  When found, you have to turn and tighten the base wheel clockwise to make sure that the base is secured.

Mounting the car holder on the dashboard is very similar except for one small difference.  Instead of attaching the suction pad directly onto the dashboard, you need to attach it to the provided dashboard disc.  The disc has two sides: an adhesive side and a smooth, glossy side.  The adhesive side goes on the dashboard while the  glossy side is used for the car holder.  After placing the car holder on top of the dashboard disc, you need to turn and tighten the base wheel clockwise to make sure that the base is secured.


When your HTC one is placed in the car kit, it automatically changes to Car Mode.  In car mode, your home page changes and you are given a few new options.  The default applications including Navigation, Dialer, Music, Speak, People, Internet Radio, Settings, and Exit.  You can customize the page by adding or deleting the apps on the page.  You also have the option of changing the order of the apps.

Navigation: Pressing the navigation button opens up several options including Google Maps Navigation, Previous, Appointments, Gas Station, Restaurant, By Photo, Parking, Cafes, Bars, ATM, Convenience Store, Pharmacy, Shopping, and Emergency.  If you are going to a specific address, you will need to open the Google Maps Navigation. You can input the address in one of two ways: speak destination or type destination.  The speak destination is not going to be as 100% effective as manually typing an address but it seems to work well with the few addresses I tested.

Dialer: When using the dialer function, you can make calls by typing the number on the right hand side or you by tapping on a recent call on the left hand side.

Music: The music function can be filtered by artists, albums, songs, playlists, genres, podcasts, or folders.  When playing a song, the song is displayed on the top right of the home screen.

Speak: Speak automatically opens Google Speak.  With this function, you can either speak a contact’s name or speak the name of a song you want to play.  I really wanted to like this app but I had a frustrating time using it.  More often than not, when saying a contact’s name or the name of a song, the app would either say not found or it would give me the wrong information.  I often found myself speaking directly into the the phone, which is an issue if you are driving a vehicle.


The HTC One Car Kit is a great accessory for HTC One owners and it is very easy to use.  Not only can it hold and charge your phone, but I love how Car Mode turns your phone into an awesome GPS.  I also like the fact that you can customize the apps and shape it to meet your needs.  Most of the apps works really well with the exception of the Speak app.  One thing that concerns me is how loose the phone feels when the phone is placed in the cradle.  The car kit will also not accommodate phone covers so that is something to think about before purchasing this unit.  However, despite those observations, I would still highly recommend this HTC One accessory.

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  1. Георгий

    Images not exist. please cheak this

    • Images have been fixed.

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  3. Dariusz

    It looks you have never REALLY used this accessory with HTC One for real car navigation… or it is paid article so you omit bad news by purpose.

    HTC One with this accessory (and other accesories of this type) DOES NOT work as required by most of users, as HTC One gets so hot during using as GPS navigation that after just a short time of usage, it stops charging from car power adaptor despite the fact it is connected all the time!
    So finally HTC One starts to operate ONLY using internal battery and you will have just an hour or two of navigation than … end of navigation story.
    You have to stop, cool down the HTC One (first of all by turning off all heavy applications like… Google Maps/Navigation 🙂 and wait till device cools and starts charging itself. Than wait to charge battery or drive without navigation…

    Then you can go with navigation again… for a while till your smartphone runs out of battery again 🙁

    Pathetic attempt of HTC to provide car navigation experience. This require some car navigation know-how and experience and it is not just a matter of GPS navigation application loaded on smartphone + phone holder + car battery adapter. It is a piece of engineering knowledge to understand that 4-5 processing cores running at over 1GHz speed ARE NOT required to power GPS navigation, especially if you have problems with generated heat. HTC, please think it over and does not cheat with such an “car kits” – you have to THINK OVER your power management before you try to enter real word usage scene like car dashboard hot surface area 😉

  4. John

    For the GENIUS Dariusz who reviewed this HTC one car dock above. There is this neat thing….it is called…THE SUN….when metallic objects such as the HTC one are placed in the path of the light from the sun, amazingly they get hot. So, move the holder to another location where it isn’t directly in the sun while driving, or…turn on your air conditioner and use the window vents above the dash (defrost vents) and that will keep the phone cool enough to keep charging.

    When the phone gets overheated…from that big ball of gas in space that our planet orbits around…that is when it stops charging. It is a safety feature built into the device because the battery isn’t intended to charge when it is that hot.

    Blaming that on a holder for your phone….clearly….you are a rocket scientist. Have a nice day.

    • FruhMi

      Dear, John,
      I cannot agree with your explenation. I have same experience with my HTC One in car when using navigation SW (TomTom, Google Maps, Waze). My phone is placed out of any sun sight, not even using any car kit, just plug-in in car socket using original HTC autoCharger. Once it get hot, charging process is interrupted and phone uses its battery exclusively. I hate it especially on long distance drives.
      I fully support opinion published by Dariusz. Charge interruption has nothing to do with sunlight and its heat.
      Or maybe we

  5. Alex

    You people need a life. Being paid to bash your competition is sad.
    I’ve had the car kit for 6 months without the problems the Sammy trolls claim.
    They certainly are easy to detect. Poor English and no clue about how the One works.

  6. Zach

    Can you make it so that car mode doesn’t come on. And is there some sort of nfc in the case that makes car mode turn on.