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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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T-Mobile finally starts accepting pre-orders for the HTC One

T-Mobile finally starts accepting pre-orders for the HTC One

It certainly took them long enough, but T-Mobile has finally flipped the switch and is now accepting pre-orders for the HTC One. Those with enough cash to pay full price will be charger $579.99 for the 32GB HTC One, but there’s always the option to go with T-Mobile’s payment play which will set you back $100 today and an additional $20 every month until the device is paid off. The HTC One is expected to be available in a select number of T-Mobile stores across the country starting April 24th, so we’re assuming they will ship out pre-order around that same time.

Pre-orders for the HTC One are only available online, but there’s the added bonus of a free HTC One Car Kit. T-Mobile says the Car Kit so only available in limited quantities, so we suggest hitting the web and pre-ordering the HTC One as soon as possible. Now, you’ll have to excuse me as I log into my T-Mobile account and order the HTC One for everyone on my family plan.

Update: It looks like T-Mobile is not allowing current customer to order the HTC One. I’ll be doing some digging to see if there’s any way around the restriction.

Update 2: T-Mobile claims that the HTC One can be purchased by new and existing T-Mobile customer. They are working through technical issues which are not allowing current T-Mobile customers to order the phone, but they should be resolved shortly.

The HTC One is available for both new and existing customers online beginning today at  We are experiencing some system issues, however, and are working to resolve it quickly.


Source: T-Mobile

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  1. JT

    Just tried to order the HTC on T Mobile Website and it’s backordered! Expected to ship Thursday, 4/25. Hopefully this means that it’s popular. I’ll be in store extra early to get it tomorrow just in case.

    • Neo

      Their website has been jacked up ever since, they couldnt handle the demand, the same thing happend during their iphone launch. They really need to update their systems. People having their orders cancelled after ordering.Getting locked out of your accounts, which happened to me. Then, the launch only sold the device in select stores which we had no way of knowing which store was a select store unless we called to ask if they would have it and most of them said they wouldnt even know til the day they received them! And so basically there were all these obstacles in the way of people trying to obtain this device and Tmobile handled it horribly. They were entirely too focused on their iphone 5 launch to care much about the Ones. And it showed. Their systems are outdated and cant handle high demand.