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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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Analyst: HTC will miss Q1 revenue targets, forecasts low sales of the HTC One in Q2

Analyst: HTC will miss Q1 revenue targets, forecasts low sales of the HTC One in Q2

Based on the delayed launch of the HTC One due to shortage of the device’s imaging components, J.P. Morgan analyst Alvin Kwock expects HTC’s Q1 revenue to come in at NT$45 billion (US$1.5 billion), nearly 25 percent lower than HTC’s estimated range of NT$50 billion to NT$60 billion.

Based on those numbers, Kwock adjusted HTC shipment numbers from 7.3 million units to 5.6 million units in Q1 with Q2 shipment numbers decreasing from 8.9 million units to 7.9 million units. Despite limited initial marketing of the HTC One, service providers are showing that consumer demand for the device will range from 2-3 million units per month once it is made available to more markets across the globe. Unfortunately, demand for the HTC One will remain artificially high for several months since Kwock’s numbers show that HTC will only be able to ship 500,000 to 700,000 units in April.

“We cut first-quarter and second-quarter unit estimates to reflect production issues with the new HTC One and a sharp deceleration in China sales,”

“HTC’s eggs are all in `One’ basket now. Given the strong consumer reviews, we suggest closely monitoring the supply situation on the new HTC One in the second half of April.”

– J.P. Morgan analyst Alvin Kwock

While HTC has admitted to the HTC One supply shortage, we can rest assured in the fact that analysts are not always right. The HTC One is already available in the UK, Germany and Taiwan and we will start seeing the device trickle out to more countries as April progresses.

Source: Focus Taiwan

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  1. B Hulman

    This is a real shame. The HTC One is an amazing phone. Having upgraded from the Desire HD, which was also a great phone and still worked solidly after more than 2 years. HTC is a quality phone maker and I think the market needs them. The One performs brilliantly, so easy to use, the camera is fantastic and Sense is great. Consumers really ought to get behind this company.

    • Hopefully HTC is working on a way to boost handset production above what the analyst is predicting. The HTC One will be the best selling HTC phone of 2013, but they could miss out on a lot of sales if they can’t keep up with consumer demand.