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HTC Source | February 21, 2018

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T-Mobile to sell the HTC One for as little as $99

T-Mobile to sell the HTC One for as little as $99

T-Mobile CEO John Legere announced today T-Mobile customer will be able to pick up the HTC One for as little as $99. Why the low price? As it turns out, T-Mobile is doing away with its traditional contract plans and is shifting its entire business model in an effort to give consumers extra value. While consumers will be able to walk out of a T-Mobile store with an HTC One in hand for only $99, they will be required to make 24 monthly installment payments of the device. T-Mobile isn’t saying what the monthly payments will be, but we expect them to be in line with the $20 payments they will be charging for the newly announced T-Mobile iPhone 5, adding up to a final price of $580.

The price of the HTC One from Sprint and AT&T is expected to be $200 with a two-year contract, but T-Mobile estimates that its pricing will save consumers $200-300 (depending on the exact service plan) over two years. Legere did not disclose when T-Mobile would start selling the HTC One, but we’re showing that HTC has 35 days to meet its revised “before the end of April” self-imposed deadline.

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  1. SimonH

    If you want to make your eyes water, look at their UK plans

  2. Josh5310

    Your kidding^^ Ill move to U.K. to get that deal!