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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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New HTC One commercials highlight BoomSound and Blinkfeed features

New HTC One commercials highlight BoomSound and Blinkfeed features

Less than 24 hours since we spotted the HTC One make a cameo appearance in a new music video, two new HTC One commercials have hit the web. As we expected, HTC will be using BlinkFeed and BoomSound as main selling points for the HTC One.

In the BlinkFeed ad, a solitary subway ride comes to life and an HTC One user browser through her feed. The woman is instantly surrounded by her friends, journalists and athletes, giving her all their latest updates. The BoomSound commercial drives home the simply logic of direct sound. The video shows multiple bands playing instruments and singing, but their backs are always to the audience. As the HTC One is presented, the audio in the ad comes to life and you’re treated to a much richer and fuller sound experience.

The HTC One launch may be delayed, but we’re glad to see that there’s a marketing strategy in place to highlight the features and consumer benefits that are made available with the HTC One. The HTC BlinkFeed doesn’t really show what the consumer benefit is, but the BoomSound messaging clearly shows how the audio experience on the HTC One is clearly superior to any other device currently on the market.

Take a peek at the two ads and let us know your thoughts. Is HTC on the right track or do they need to show off the HTC one is a different way in order to create consumer demand?

HTC One BlinkFeed Commercial

HTC One BoomSound Commercial

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  1. DonIsGood

    Love them and exactly what I have been saying for a while – clear, concise and straight to the point ad’s to target each feature of the phone

    Totally dig the BoomSound ad!

  2. Dezzy

    Definitely a different way. Show off the camera ultrapixel capabilities. Showcase how great the display is. Show the IR blaster. Who is in charge of marketing? Do they even use the device because it took way too long to even know what the commercial was about. At the end they show the device? I’m sorry but it didnt convince to buy a One and I’m getting one anyway. It needs to convince people its a viable alternative to an Iphone or a Galaxy. It failed to do any of that.

  3. crapinyourpants

    This is the most annoying commercial I have ever seen. It plays every effing time a commercial appears on tv like not once but 2 or 3 times. Not to mention I’m still trying to figure out if the black person at the end is male or female. It’s just effing horrible.