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HTC Source | September 30, 2016

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HTC "thrilled with the positive response" to HTC One Upgrade Promotion - deadline dates extended -

HTC “thrilled with the positive response”  to HTC One Upgrade Promotion – deadline dates extended

Based on the positive consumer response to the HTC One Upgrade Promotion, HTC has decided to extend the offer and give more consumers the opportunity to get $100 back when they upgrade to the HTC One and trade in their old phone.  Originally, promotion enrollment was set to expire March 12th and required participants to purchase and activate an HTC One by March 31st.  After the changes, the promotion enrollment deadline has been pushed back to March 22nd with an April 26th deadline to purchase and activate an HTC One.

The following statement comes directly from HTC’s PR team regarding the changes to the promotion dates.

“HTC is thrilled with the positive response we have received to our $100 trade-up offer. Due to this, we are extending the offer for customers who purchase the HTC One by 4/26 and trade in their old device by 5/31. We are pleased to bring this offer to even more customers so they can upgrade to the HTC One at an amazing price.”

Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile have yet to announce their respective HTC One retail launch dates, but we our inside sources still claim that March 22nd is the date we should all circle on our calendar. If you haven’ t already, we suggest you sign up for the HTC One Upgrade Promotion. The promotion guarantees you’ll get at least $100, but you could get a lot more if you trade in a newer phone.

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  1. Bernard

    Sounds like BS to me… They are extending it because they are probably set back and definitely going to delay the release date.

  2. Eric

    Now with HTC One delays making world headlines thanks to Wall Street Journal article I wonder in disappointment and frustration how many more delays are ahead. The way things look now this can go right into May.

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