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HTC Source | December 16, 2017

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Rumor: HTC M7 to launch as the HTC One

Rumor: HTC M7 to launch as the HTC One

Another day, another HTC M7 rumor. According to @evleaks, the launch name for the HTC M7 will actually be HTC One. While the name isn’t very unique (there are currently around a half dozen HTC One phones currently on the market), it’s definitely a lot better than the M7 code name. If HTC can manage to clean things up and only us the HTC One name for the M7, they may be on to something. Apple has done an amazing job branding the iPhone and iPad and it appears HTC has taken notice.

For now, the HTC One name for the M7 is simply a rumor, but we only have 11 days to go until the official unveiling of the device in New York and London.

HTC did get a positive reaction when the unveiled the one branding last year at Mobile World Congress. What’s your take on the HTC One name for the M7?

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  1. Ovulation

    In my opinion the Name isnt Importent. I would prefer a HTC Shitphone X with an tegra 4 over a HTC One with a snapdragon s4 pro.

  2. I am getting kind of angry with their phone naming. I really dont care what the name is but when it is called the HTC One when many other phones already exist with that name it is going to cause confusion. While I understand that they are trying to get a name going that is recognizable among consumers I feel that this is NOT the way to do. With, as the article mentioned, so many other HTC phones holding this name but different software versions and hardware specs this is bound to create confusion. When I first saw this article I was pretty angry because I want HTC to survive. Knowing they just cut the pay of their overtime workers in order to stay afloat shows me that they have the workers on board to work and get something out but when you lazily rename the device and it becomes associated with OLDER devices I could see a lot of ways consumers could be discouraged from buying this. With all that being said, I will buy the phone no matter what the name is because I believe that they are pooling their resources to create a truly superior phone, however I am angry with whoever is the head of their marketing team as this will not pave way for a bright future for the company if they do not pour all their other resources into marketing…End Rant

  3. Barry

    I would agree that HTC needs to create a consumer reconizable name (i.e iPhone, Galaxy Sxx) that represents their current flagship phone over a long period of time (greater than a single phone generation). I have only had only HTC product over the last 6 years and actively look for the brand; however, I don’t think the average consumer would be able to point out an HTC product. This company makes an industry leading product but needs to start to market heavily under its own name and not under the carrier’s name, IMHO.

    • Shaun

      I think that’s exactly what they’re doing Barry.
      A unified brand like iPhoneX or Galaxy Sxx.
      It makes perfect sense too!(pun intended)
      Think about it, the M7 can be the HTC One X2, while the M4 can be the HTC One S2.
      Let’s not forget we also had a fairly successful Nexus “One” as the very first Nexus device.

      • I think we’re on the right path. A unified grand, but I think it needs to be even more simple than the One X2 or One S2. I have a few ideas floating around in my hear which will make a good story about the HTC One brand.

  4. dastan

    htc should use (X) as trademark like htc oneX, htc oneX+, htc 8X, htc 7X,
    htc droid X, htc droid+, htc oneZ

  5. Going for a unified brand is a great move. I do like both the “One” and “X” brands they are using at the moment. WIll be interesting to see where they take them.