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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Black HTC One revealed in newly leaked image

Black HTC One revealed in newly leaked image

Another day, another HTC One (M7) leak. With only hour days left of HTC’s countdown clock, we’re finally getting our first look at the black HTC One, courtesy of @evleaks and unwiredview. The black HTC One looks identical to the silver/white HTC One which we’ve seen already on a few occasions. The HTC One’s front-facing stereo speakers are fully visible, along with the unconventional logo placement and capacitive button layout.

While we know quite a bit about the HTC One, we’re hoping HTC will have a few things left to share with us once the handset is unveiled in New York and London on February 19th. Though we’ve seen HTC’s Peter Chou show off the back of the HTC One for a few seconds, we still have to gotten a clear picture of what the back side of the HTC One looks like.

What’s your take on the HTC One in black?


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  1. Ant Man

    i really hope those aren’t a type of “live tile” if they are i am not getting this unless it’s a widget then i will remove them. as for that silly HTC logo why can’t they just go with the stock Android on screen button placement??

    • Dezzy

      Looks more like some new type of widget.

  2. sejdler

    hate the logo placement and the buttons. otherwise i like the phone, although i’ll stick to my nexus 4 for a while.(hopefully until the next htc and nexus marriage.)

  3. Shelley

    I love the look. Hope the camera delivers . Read an article yesterday on Pocketnow about ultra pixels

  4. Love the look. Looks fantastic!

  5. Roy

    I usually like black Phones but the Aluminum version really shows off the (relatively) huge Speakers much better (and there IS a lot of black on it too).

    Why such large Speaker Grills, are there two Speakers per Channel ?

    My N95 has stereo Speakers about 1/4 that size and it produces really great sound, if this Phone is going to sound way better then it may sway me to favor it (if it beats the Sony and unannounced Nokia and plastic S4) over the other ‘soon to be released’ Phones.

  6. Steven Hyde

    New phone name is HTC One M7. Yes, that is correct.

  7. Kay-Kay

    That looks so cool