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HTC Source | December 14, 2017

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New pictures of the HTC M7 and Sense 5 reveal new details

New pictures of the HTC M7 and Sense 5 reveal new details

Roughly twenty four hours after we unveiled the first render which accurately depicts the upcoming HTC M7, new pictures of the phone have surfaced which reveal unprecedented detail of the phone and HTC Sense 5. The front of the HTC M7 in the new images match up perfectly with the renders we showed off yesterday, including HTC’s new capacitive button placement below the screen. The countered back of the HTC M7 also matches what we’ve already seen, but the placement of the flash has moved to the left side of the camera lens. We’d also like to note the Beats Audio logo is different, but that will most likely change as carriers negotiate the space on the back of the phone to their own logos.

When it comes to HTC Sense 5, the new screen shots show that users will be treated to a much flatter UI. If you look closely, HTC has cleaned up all of its graphics by removing the gradient, skeuomorphic design of the past in favor of “simple and clean” UI elements our source told us of two weeks ago.

Most of you were no impressed with yesterday’s rendering of the HTC M7. Now that we have actual pictures of the device, has your opinion changed at all?

Source: AndroidPolice

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  1. spectremANDROID

    Well…. I’m not seeing anything that EXCITES me yet, but I will admit that I’m no longer completely blind to HTC anymore. I’m not “loving” the handset design and I actually prefer a larger screen, such as that of the Butterfly, with software buttons as are typically found on Nexus devices, but the possibility of a leaner and cleaner HTC Sense UI definitely has my attention. Show me what ya got, HTC.

  2. muayyad

    I feel sense 5 will be too lean. If not missing the usual fearures.

    • MCGTech

      Agreed. I happen to like Sense 4.0+ on my One S. Still waiting on the 4.1 update.

      • MCGTech

        OOps got and like Sense 4.1 Waiting on Jelly Bean

  3. MCGTech

    It looks like Windows 8 more than Android, very blah IMHO and no sign of a second speaker.

    • ATX

      I agree. I LOATHE the look of the Windows 8 interface. The question I have is who is chasing Microsoft in mobile OS design? HTC? Google? Whoever it is, their judgment is suspect and I have may to rethink my loyalty to the culprit. DON”T MAKE ME GO TO iOS!!!

  4. TJ Wall

    It looks pretty all right. Definitely mixes design elements from the One X/X+ and the 8X.
    I don’t like the square corners as much as the softer angles of the One X, but what matters more is whether the back surface is the same grippy material as on the One X+. That was a serious and very useful innovation, and I hope it comes around again.
    Honestly, the UI isn’t DAZZLING me so far, but I might like it better than Sense 4 once I actually use it.

  5. Neil

    At the moment I can not see anything special or “new” about the M7. Yes we will get Sense 5 – who hoo. That will not make the phone a big seller.

    Quite a few people will be bringing out 5″ phones this year (Sony, Samsung etc). So a new 4.7″ phone is not really new. The hardware (apart from the screen) is not really new either – most of it is in the Butterfly. So why not just release the Butterfly globally? It has a 5″ inch screen & most of the specs.

    Unfortunately unless the leaks are false and HTC has got something really special up their sleeves – I do not think the M7 will sell well.

  6. Gokhalesh

    Full resolution on a 4.7 inch screen giving it 468ppi really excites me .I think the Sense 5 will look great on that kind of screen.But HTC have to come up with new design for their future flagship phones.This one more look like the DNA.Fingers Crossed!

  7. Robert

    You know, it’s getting harder to make geeks happy these days. Over the holidays, I went to several shopping malls to talk with wireless sales people about what consumers are buying. First, I found out that most people buying phones want to know “is this a great phone,” meaning can it do more that my wildest dreams. Second, is it really cool to own when I’m around my friends at school or at work. Third,is it like a pair of Michael Jordan’s $200.00 dollar sneakers? Funny, this is what real buyers are asking sales people about the decision to buy a hot smart phone. Lastly, the only issue people want to know (which is universal) has to do with the phones battery life. Yeah, 64gigs of storage seems important, but it really isn’t the case. However, a phone lives or dies on battery life, something that HTC doesn’t seem to get over the past year in the cell phone industry. All HTC has to do is go with a larger battery and profits will come. Again, give the critics and customers what they want: the ability to do more with their phone longer…. Got that HTC? If you don’t, ZTE, Huawei will move into your slot with 6.1 inch phones and 3200 lithium batteries and the quietly brilliant company may suffer more loses. Don’t get me wrong, I am a diehard HTC fan and have been since the first EVO 4G.

    • spectremANDROID

      I’m in agreement, if slightly begrudgingly so. When I got my HTC Hero, the battery life was weak, so I bought an extra battery. When I got my EVO 4G, to my surprise, delight and then dismay, I found that it had the same battery as the Hero, so I used my two original batteries…

      …and bought TWO MORE as the power of the phone was a ravenous vampire ( which, in retrospect, must have been why the guts of the phone and the battery were all red ) and I got charging and swapping out multiple batteries down to a science, if not an art, and I was okay with that. My EVO 3D wasn’t quite as hungry, but it didn’t really ,matter as zip didn’t really like that phone enough to put money into an extra battery. Ownership became a bit of a drag. Now HTC wants to seal all the phones?!??? NO ACCESS for the owner?!?

      No two ways about it, you’re gonna have to put in a battery that makes it such that the user almost NEVER has to worry about the phone dying. Even a conscientious user, like myself, who has multiple chargers and is an opportunistic device charger will need MUCH better batteries than have been in the last full generation of HTC devices.

  8. j

    I really, really don’t like some stuff about HTC’s recent phones. First of all- that button layout is downright stupid. Home on the RIGHT, back on the LEFT, and a RECENT APPS button? WTF? That’s definitely not more important than a menu button. I also hate their blatant Beats branding that is put on everything, Beats is a really bad brand for anyone who knows about audio so I don’t want that crap right on my phone.