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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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HTC new year’s resolution to be number three again

HTC new year’s resolution to be number three again

With the recent sales report for the fourth quarter of 2012 revealing another year over year loss the company hopes to revive the office and boost sales in 2013.

HTC executives at the home office held an event in December where they gave motivational speeches to improve the moral among employees. Talk around the office was that the recent settlement deal with Apple sent an unspoken message to HTC employees that meant HTC was not seen as a competitor against the “i” electronics maker. Employees did not feel valued for all of their hard work and felt the company should have stood up for the unique products HTC has been making long before Apple game into the smartphone game.

A couple of years ago HTC sat on top as the reigning Android phone producer with winners like the Desire, Nexus One, and Evo. HTC had continued to make excellent hardware, but had missed out on opportunities to market and get phones into customers hands.

We hope to see a unified marketing campaign with HTC’s next flag ship device and look forward to see what creative commercials they can come up with to show off remarkable HTC products. We have heard rumors that HTC will try to push more carriers into selling the same device add other carriers versus a custom phone for each cellular carrier.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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