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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Sony approves more HTC models for PlayStation Mobile app

Sony approves more HTC models for PlayStation Mobile app

Back in June HTC became the first smartphone manufacturer to partner with Sony to support the PlayStation app.

At the time of the announcement the only approved HTC models were from the One series, HTC One V, HTC One S, & HTC One X. As of today the list has doubled to include the HTC One XL, HTC Evo LTE, & HTC One X+. The catch that we noticed on Sony’s website is most of these models now require Android 4.1 or higher to run the 19 MB PlayStation app on your phone.

If your phone meets that minimum requirement and you have the space available you should visit Sony’s page to download the app for your gaming pleasure. If you already have the app, but do not have Android 4.1 or higher you should hold of on the newest version of the app.

We tried to run the PlayStation app from an HTC One S with Android 4.0.4 and the app gives an error code. On a wild hunch we even tried it on the new HTC Droid DNA with Android 4.1, but received the same error code (makes sense because it is not on the approved list).

With mobile phones betting so powerful and advanced why would anyone opt to buy a second portable device just for gaming. Making the Sony PlayStation app available to Android devices is a win for your pockets.

Source: AndroidGuys via PlayStation

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  1. Stephen

    That’s great an all, that my EVO 4G LTE is on the list, but only with Android 4.1, which still isn’t being push to my device… Do they know something I don’t? Should I expect 4.1 soon, are they just covering all their bases?

  2. Arzvi

    Why isn’t DNA gotten approved? I’d love to play in my 1080p phone, which I’ll get as soon as Wirefly gets shipment :-p

    • Sony has to approve all devices. Since the DNA is new, they probably have not been able to put it through the approval process yet.

  3. That is my hope too Stephen. Maybe we’ll all get a little Jelly Bean treat for Christmas so we can all jump on the PlayStation wagon. Fingers crossed!