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HTC Source | January 20, 2018

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Movies go on sale through HTC Watch for 66 cents

Movies go on sale through HTC Watch for 66 cents

On Saturday our favorite smartphone makers used Facebook to announce a deal that movie lovers will not want to pass up. For a limited time, a large amount of titles found in the HTC Watch app are on sale for 66 cents!

You can only find the HTC Watch app on Android and Windows Phone devices made by HTC and the app is a private resource for HTC owners to rent and watch movies on their phone. We browsed the movie library for a while and was amazed by the broad range of new and older movies on sale. Also after browsing for a while we noticed that we only went through a small portion of the movies on sale; there really are a lot of movies on sale.


Some of you may not be a fan of watching movies on a phone, but coupled with the HTC Media Link HD and a TV with an HDMI input you can stream the movie from the phone to the big screen wirelessly. An even better perk to using the HTC Media Link HD and HTC Watch is that the movie can play on the TV while you use your phone to check email, browse social networks, or pretty much use any other application on your phone without interrupting playback in the movie. The movie will play as if your phone has two screens and the TV is that second screen.

We are not sure how long the 66 cent deal will last, but rentals have to be watched in 30 days from the day it was purchased.

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