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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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Jelly Bean for the HTC One S draws a step closer

Jelly Bean for the HTC One S draws a step closer

Will the HTC One S for T-Mobile in the US get the update to Jelly Bean in the year 2012? Chances are pretty slim, but the year is not officially over yet if you want to keep crossing your fingers.

Although proud HTC One S owners like myself probably will not see the official Jelly Bean ROM from HTC and T-Mobile this year it is encouraging to see that Android 4.1 is going into a beta test mode and is drawing closer to a public release. TmoNews shares an email from an exclusive HTC community requesting testers for the beta version of the Jelly Bean operating system specifically for the HTC One S. There are a few spelling and grammatical errors we noticed in this message, but a member of our staff also received this email so we can at least confirm the authenticity of this message and HTC’s intent to give the update a road test before it gets T-Mobile’s blessings.

One S JB beta email

This HTC community is a private network that is taking quite the initiative to help carriers get feedback on pending software updates to current hardware and we are digging into this lead to see what info we can give you for future news opportunities.

We noticed several commenters on the source website that said they knew someone that already received the update, but we think they are referring to a recent security update that trickled to those devices. My wife’s One S got the same notice on Christmas Eve, because I forgot to manually check it for her when we heard about the release earlier this month. If you or someone you know has an official Jelly Bean ROM on a US version of the HTC One S send us a picture for confirmation and we will mention you as a source in a follow up post (tips @

Source: TmoNews

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