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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC Butterfly shows up for pre-order from UK online retailer

HTC Butterfly shows up for pre-order from UK online retailer

Based on all the rumors which have been floating around these past few months, we were expecting the EU version of HTC’s flagship 1080p phone to launch as the HTC DLX, but it looks like the phone may made its European debut as the HTC Butterfly – the same name used for its launch in China. The HTC Butterfly went up for pre-order on Expansys yesterday morning, though no pricing or launch details have been made available.

The HTC Butterfly from Expansys looks to be identical to the Asian variant, giving the handset an microSD card slot and making it water resistant. We’re not exactly sure why Verizon’s HTC Droid DNA is the only version of the phone which does not feature an expandable storage option, but at least Verizon did add a little extra value by adding wireless charging – a feature which is also exclusive to Verizon’s HTC 8X.

Source: Expansys

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  1. Neil

    Unfortunately HTC UK has already said the Butterfly will not be coming to the UK either. Apparently HTC “PR” department said the Expansys models will be grey imports.

  2. DonIsGood

    Although the Butterfly offers expandable memory, it isn’t LTE enabled. imo I personally prefer to have LTE (with Dropbox or Drive) instead. Hopefully the rumoured M7 offers LTE and micro SD features…

  3. Amrit Phatnani

    When will it be hitting the Indian market?