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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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How to SIM unlock the HTC 8X for free

How to SIM unlock the HTC 8X for free

Buying a new phone like the HTC 8X can be exciting, but what happens if you want to take your device with you to another service provider? If you purchased an unlocked international phone, you can pop in any SIM card you want and go about your business, but things get a little tricky if you purchased your HTC 8X from AT&T, T-Mobile or a number of European service providers since the handset is locked down and is not able to make calls or access data when using a SIM card from any other service provider.

Fortunately, there are multiple solutions. If you’re willing to pay, you can get a SIM unlock code for the HTC 8X for only $12.95. But we have a better solution. If you want to unlock your HTC 8X without spending a dime, call AT&T, T-Mobile or your service provider’s customer service line and they will email you your HTC One X unlock code. The only catch is that you must have an account in good standing (60 days of active service with a pre-paid account).

In order to SIM unlock your HTC 8X, you must have your IMEI number and a microSIM card from another service provider.

Obtain your HTC 8X SIM unlock code

  1. Locate your handset IMEI number from the Dial Pad – dial 8#06# and the HTC 8X IMEI code will appear on screen
  2. Write down your IMEI number
  3. Call your service provider’s customer service line (AT&T: 1-800-331-0500, T-Mobile: 1-877-296-1018)
  4. Ask customer service for the SIM unlock code for your HTC 8X
  5. Customer service will ask for your IMEI number and will fill out a request form. Once the SIM unlock code request form is processed, the code will be emailed to you (typically 1-3 days later)

SIM unlock the HTC 8X

  1. Once you receive your SIM unlock code from your service provider, turn off your HTC 8X
  2. Remove the microSIM card from the phone
  3. Insert a microSIM card from another service provider and turn the HTC 8X back on
  4. When prompted, enter the SIM unlock code sent to you by your service provider
  5. Enjoy your HTC 8X on any GSM carrier of your choice.

SIM unlock your HTC 8X with

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  1. Kyle

    So, it would be realistic for me to unlock my at&t HTC phone in good standing, then purchase a straight talk sim – Then save money?

    Please say yes.

  2. Moruf

    Hello ijust buymynew htc 8x on ebay but it a lock pone and i need code to unlock it please

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  4. Preetham Reddy

    Done! Perfect… Thank you.

  5. Warren Riddock

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  23. Cynthia Armstrong

    I have a HTC ONE M7 (love it!!!) I have a call into AT&T to unlock phone. It was unlocked, sent it in to HTC for reset and they relocked. No one has been able to unlock this phone…remotely IMEI is 354439057513915. Please help.

  24. Bubby

    Hi I have a poor mans htc 8s but I love it I don’t understand the difference I lost it and reported it and got an insurance replacement but I rang up and they BLOCKED IT can it be UNBLOCKED? would be a waste it’s just sat there useless can it be turned back on in the Uk? Thanks

  25. Bubby

    I’m Notsure if it’s blocked or locked it works on home BRoadband fine when I put my sim in it don’t

    • TOMMY

      they shut it off it will work but not on the orignal carrier

  26. atif

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  32. mteach98

    I have the unlock code for my htc 8x. The problem I am having is that when I put a sim card in it wont even acknowledge one is there for me to unlock it. What do you suggest I do ?

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    • nickmgray

      Unfortunately, no one here can help you unlock your phone. If your service provider will not give you the unlock code for your phone, you will need to pay a service like HTC SIM Unlock ( to find the code for you.

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    • nickmgray

      If you are not able to get the unlock code from your service provider, please use

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