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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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Free concert ticket for one Chicago local this Sunday for #TeamHTC

Free concert ticket for one Chicago local this Sunday for #TeamHTC

We, here at HTC Source love the readers and followers we have and today we want to offer those in the Chicago area a rare opportunity to join me as part of a program HTC is running to promote brand awareness.

Do you remember the HTC Ambassador program I posted about in November? Well, just like many of you, I completed the application and crossed my fingers with hopes that I could be part of #Team HTC and guess what… I was selected yesterday to attend a concert at the House of Blues in Chicago to watch The Starting Line live this Sunday.

Yay for me, right! What does this have to do with me, you ask? Well, the prize package includes TWO tickets into the rock concert and I do not have anyone to go with me at this time so I figured maybe one of you would join me and talk about HTC phones for a bit before we go get our rock on at the concert.

I mean, why let a perfectly good, PAID FOR ticket go to waste. The concert is at 7pm and I will be in town most of the day so if you want to hang out and catch a show leave a comment on this post so I can randomly pick someone Saturday night. The candidate will be notified early Sunday morning so check your inboxes when you wake up to see if you have been selected. It won’t improve your chances, but it would be really nice if you could share this post with your social circles to help get the word out, even if you are not in Chicago.

Please no submissions by persons under the legal drinking age of 21 years.  Maybe you can recommend somewhere close by for us to meet before the show and grab a bite to eat or drink.

About Andy Medders

With over a decade of IT experience working in and for the US Army, Andy has helped implement pilot programs using Android devices at work and helps others learn how to turn a smartphone into a tool for getting things done. He started a blog about HTC as an outlet to share HTC news without spamming his friends on common social networks, but decided to combine forces with HTCSource to have more of an impact on the HTC community. Andy has had an HTC in his pocket since the days of the T-Mobile MDA.