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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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Bloomberg: HTC developing 7 and 12-inch Windows RT tablets for 2013

Bloomberg: HTC developing 7 and 12-inch Windows RT tablets for 2013

It seems as though Microsoft has had a change of heart. A new report from Bloomberg claims that Microsoft will now allow HTC to develop Windows RT based tablets after many traditional computer manufacturers delayed and even cancelled their Windows RT tablets. HTC plans to release Qualcomm-powered  7-inch and 12–inch tablets in 2013 which will both be capable of making phone calls. While there is plenty of competition in the Windows tablet market, a 7-inch Windows RT device from HTC would give Microsoft a fighting chance to take on the Kindle Fire, Nook HD and Apple’s iPad Mini.

To date, HTC has launched two Android powered tablets (HTC Flyer and HTC Jetstream) which have not been very successful. While the company has not released a new tablet in over a year  HTC’s Chief Product Officer, Kouji Kodera recently revealed that the company had “canceled six or seven concepts” they want to release a device which is “really strong” rather than just throw something out there to see if it would stick.

“We’re interested. We’ve made a lot of concepts, but we haven’t been able to find something that is really strong yet. Actually, I think we canceled six or seven concepts since [the Flyer and Jetstream]. What we decided is we will really focus on our product, we will re-do it as many times as we need until we get a concept and a product that we feel comfortable with.”

Source: Bloomberg

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