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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC’s chairwoman puts out a small fire caused by NEXT magazine

HTC’s chairwoman puts out a small fire caused by NEXT magazine

HTC’s chairwoman, Cher Wang has had to make a statement this week to put some dirty rumors made by NEXT magazine to rest. The group from NEXT Media used their popular magazine to try and bring some drama into HTC’s house by stating that Ms. Wang has given HTC’s CEO, Peter Chou some sort of a six month probation period to turn the manner of operations, inside the corporation’s walls around before facing consequences.

The fire has been extinguished by Cher Wang in a statement that she, “supports HTC CEO Peter Chou, whose achievement and ability are undoubted.” Other shots by the magazine were aimed at the Chief Financial Officer, Chia-Lin Chang by implying that Wang was responsible for replacing the former CFO, Winston Yung with Chang, but that decision was made by Chou with Wang’s support. The gist of the allegations at least the way I understood the report by FocusTaiwan, was that NEXT magazine implied that Cher Wang is not happy with the way Peter Chou is running the business. Thankfully Wang cleared the air with her statement and our hope is that it did not do any damage to the real relationship the chairwoman and CEO have on the front line or to the brand itself.

NEXT Media has a habit of posting risky articles covering a broad range of topics in Hong Kong and Taiwan that has landed the media group with fines for making statements that bruise the reputation of those in the spotlight. For the record, HTC has had some part in the corporation’s decreased sales figures, but let us keep focused on the fact that HTC is still making a profit on their smartphones so they are not even close to exiting the manufacturing business. This sort of unnecessary drama is not healthy for HTC’s profile and is justification enough for HTC to file a complaint with a district court in Taipei against the media company headquartered in Hong Kong for defamation.

The article on NEXT magazine’s site requires a subscription to read so refer to the source below for more information.

Source: FocusTaiwan

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