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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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HTC launches an ambassador program for you big fanatics

HTC launches an ambassador program for you big fanatics

Have you ever been such a fanatic of something that you would be willing to name your next born child after it? I came pretty close to naming my son Caleb HTC Medders, but instead I started a website called (true story for another time). I’ve wanted to be an ambassador for HTC for as long as I can remember. Blogging about HTC has been rewarding, but an opportunity like this would put me on cloud 9!

HTC has kicked an ambassador program into full gear tonight via Facebook. Visit their page for details or jump right on over to HTC’s blog to read the same info and sign yourself up for events at a location near you. HTC wants to send a hand-picked army of fanatics to several cities over the next couple of months equipped with the latest HTC smartphone and tickets to a live event under a couple of simple requirements… you take pictures and share them via your social networks like Twitter and Instagram.

You might want to be a little proactive and start sharing on the networks mentioned above, because I am willing to bet HTC’s staff will be checking your track record to determine your level of status updates.

The events I said I wanted to part of during the three page registration start as early as next week so do not hesitate to get signed up for this unique opportunity and good luck to all who enter. Please be sure to let us know if you are selected for #TeamHTC so we can tune into your social accounts for a taste of the action.

Source: HTC Blog via Facebook

About Andy Medders

With over a decade of IT experience working in and for the US Army, Andy has helped implement pilot programs using Android devices at work and helps others learn how to turn a smartphone into a tool for getting things done. He started a blog about HTC as an outlet to share HTC news without spamming his friends on common social networks, but decided to combine forces with HTCSource to have more of an impact on the HTC community. Andy has had an HTC in his pocket since the days of the T-Mobile MDA.