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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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HTC DROID DNA passes through the FCC

HTC DROID DNA passes through the FCC

It’s seems like it’s become nearly impossible to go more than a day without posting a blog post about the upcoming HTC DROID DNA. Fortunately, the latest big of information about the phone comes to us directly from the FCC which has given the flagship Android phone its seal of approval. The FCC documentation lists the HTC DROID DNA as the HTC6435LVW and confirms that it will features support for Verizon’s CDMA and LTE networks along with global GSM roaming. Similar to the HTC One X on AT&T, the FCC label on the HTC DROID DNA will be printed on the back of the device, confirming that the device will not have a removable battery.

While we may still have about a month before Verizon and HTC unleash the DROID DNA, we hope to get an official announcement with a launch date and pricing details within the next few weeks.

Source: FCC via Engadget

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  1. Matt

    The documents mention a change for wireless charging, I dont understand all of the documents. Do you have any further insight?

  2. ismael Avila

    Hi there, I am using a Verizon HTC droid DNA in Mexico with Telcel company and it seems that they charge roaming cost, while it is supposed to be unlocked to any carrier.
    Phone setting show I am using Telcel network.
    Can you clarify?