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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC DROID DNA gets shown off in two new videos

HTC DROID DNA gets shown off in two new videos

If you add up all the specs, the HTC DROID DNA is currently the most powerful phone on the planet. The device comes with the latest quad-core processor from Qualcomm, wireless charging, NFC, an ultra-wide lens mounted on the front-facing 2.1 megapixel camera, a built-in amplifier to enhance your music experience and a stunning 1080p 5-inch Super LDC 3 display. What more could you want in a flagship Android phone?

We’re hoping to get you guys some hands-on video of the HTC DROId DNA sometime soon, but we thought we’d share a few videos that HTC has just put up on its YouTube channel. Is the HTC DROID DNA the perfect device for you?

For more details, specs and images of the HTC DROID DNA, check out the official announcement


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  1. Alan

    I was considering a Galaxy Note II, but who ,in their right mind, could possibly look past this beauty.(please keep the following words out of any reply — “apple, iphone”.

  2. monsieurF

    I hope HTC will offer wall and ceiling mounts as optional accessories. (You are right, I am complaining about the size.)

    • omar

      the phone itself is no bigger than a gs3 its that it has a tiny bezel, thats how they get such a large screen on the same size as a gs3

  3. It is a tragedy to see that HTC has finally made a phone with all the specs that can actually put it on par and even surpass current phones but see them limit memory and battery.

    This would have been my next phone but here’s where they messed up:

    1. small battery, I DO NOT care how efficient they claim the S4 will be at battery longevity, a 5 inch full 1080p screen will suck the life out of anyone even touching it!

    2. 16GB internal….really? I mean really? You seriously could not put in a 32GB in so maybe I could use 28GB instead of 11GB? That is extremely inconsiderate to your customers…however I feel lead to believe Verizon plagued us with this problem because they want everyone to STREAM STREAM STREAM….Cloud based products and streaming is where they are making their money anyone and I feel that they wanted limited storage space so some of us will have to stream out music and pay crappy data overage fees.

    3. No micro SD…Okay after finding out that the phone was going to be limited with a non-removable 2020maH batter and only 11GB of memory I thought a saving grace could be found with the possibility of a slot for Micro SD but NO. They didn’t do that. They could have kept the battery non-removable and made a separate slot for SD but again…I suppose they wished to plague this phone with crappy memory and battery.

    4. Absence of S-pen ability…and you have 5 inches of screen to work with? Way to capitalize HTC 🙂 way to GO. What better way to make a Note 2 competitor than omit the part people have been finding awesome about it.

    5. Listen, I have been true to HTC through and through…I had an Eris, a thunderbolt, and I currently have a Rezound…They lack support for their devices in a big way…a HUGE way…look at their Flyer tablet forums…hell even look at the Thunderbolt forums…best place to find out the true quality of support you will get with your crappy Beats headphones.

    …Thats another thing…They only bought beats for there to be a stigma about the phone…I have 15$ skullcandys that I cannot tell the difference between them and the “iBeats” headphones that came with the Rezound which already broke because they were manufactured so that they would break and youd by a different Beats product.

    Let me say this. I am their biggest fan boy…I truly am which is why I sound so angry..I have literally watched this company take a HUGE fall from grace since 2005. It is depressing to watch them spiral out of the top competitors into the desperation that they are currently in. If they release a model with a more memory I will consider getting the phone at full retail since I wish to retain unlimited data.

    • I completely agree with most of your rant. 16GB of storage may be good enough for most people, but give us the option of a microSD card slot so that power-users can have the option to add their own storage.

      The one thing I’ll disagree with you on the pen support. I was really hoping for the DNA/DLX to have pen integration, but after using the Note II for several weeks now, a 5-inch display simply wouldn’t cut it. There’s a reason why Samsung upped the screen size from 5.2 to 5.5 inches.

      • Ahhh I see what you mean about the S-Pen…just want so say I follow this site everyday…I am on XDA and Teambamf almost everyday as well as Droid Forums and this seems to be the best site yet for HTC lovers. I am praying that in the coming months we will see an HTC device like this one with expandable storage…I think we will see what Moto did with the Maxx and Maxx HD, hopefully we will see one with more storage. Must say that I feel something like that is coming on. I had just bought an N7 when they started talking baout giving it 32GB and then I realized that the plan for most vendors today is release the item with just a little bit of a fault that can be corrected and then wait 3 months and release the same item with the correction made, it wins over previous consumers and ones that waited.