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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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Rumor: Windows Phone 8 to have Live Wallpapers

Rumor: Windows Phone 8 to have Live Wallpapers

There is a rumor that surfaced today regarding the lockscreen on your next Windows Phone handset. If the information turns out to be true, there could be a feed on the lockscreen for Windows Phone 8 that gets live updates of news, sports, and what is trending online. The source has three examples from Bing, ESPN, and USA Today supporting the rumor. For all we know these could be mock-ups since it does not look hard for someone to dream this concept up. If this is real, we can imagine that HTC will add some flair to the lockscreen with the company’s own twist on live information; hopefully something beyond the special weather effects from past traditions.

Beyond the idea of a Live Wallpaper on Windows Phone 8 is the location of the time and calendar information. In previous versions of Windows Phone these details have been listed near the center of the screen, but now they are dropped down to the bottom of the screen to make way for the updated stats from the wallpaper. Below is a lockscreen from WP7.

What do you think about this new info? Is it just a concept or did Microsoft really come up with this feature? Monday should shed more light on details of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphones at Microsoft’s big reveal party in San Francisco.

Source: NokiaInnovation via TheVerge

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