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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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Leaked Android Jelly Bean ROM for the HTC One X with Sense 4+

Leaked Android Jelly Bean ROM for the HTC One X with Sense 4+

Senior member, abo_mara7 from brings us a detailed review of a “final” firmware version for the HTC One X and all its Android Jelly Bean (4.1.1) and HTC Sense user interface (4+) updated goodness. We will take you through some of the honorable mentions, but click on the link at the bottom of the article to see the full details.

First things first, you can now jump from homescreen tile number one to tile number five and five to one infinitely; which is something that was lost when some of the 3D effects were removed from Sense 4.0. A couple other homescreen changes deal with themes:

  1. There’s a new Sense clock that has the sketched look that HTC has used in a lot of its marketing bits.
  2. The new default color scheme is Blue and no longer Green.

From the Settings one can directly access the Beats Audio sound profile and also settings for the HTC Media Link HD, a great product that I will review in further detail when mine gets here next week. Also, it appears that the App Associations section has been removed and more details have been added to the Applications settings page, like the ability to show or hide messages in the notification tray. On a side note, one can now hide installed applications from main app tray.

I really like this next one! The Gallery is now tied in with the albums from friends on sync’d social and photo/file sharing sites. One can now view photos from said sites as if they were stored locally on the phone and gallery photos can be displayed in one of two ways:

  1. Event driven (sorted by date, location, etc.).
  2. Traditional view of albums

The Music app also gives you some new options. When opened one can select to use another, already installed app like Play Music to listen to local or online media. The Music app will show you a thumbnail view of additional media apps installed on the phone, granted they are the more common apps and not just some random third party beta app.

The Camera app has been overhauled on the inside, but looks mostly the same to the user. The biggest noticeable change is the fourth button added to the left side of the screen; the toggle front/rear camera button. It is a pleasure to have this option brought back to the main screen in the camera interface instead buried in the settings like with Sense 4.0.

The Sense 4+ interface has been built to interact with users accessing from a computer’s web browser to customize lots of settings and apps on the phone. Read more about this cool new feature in our article all about the new HTC Get Started program.

USB Host Support has been added for plugging in USB peripherals and even external computer hard drives via a standard USB OTG cable.

A power saver profile has been added (something I saw on the Samsung Galaxy SIII that made me wonder why HTC hadn’t done this yet) and offers options to make the profile a minute or major battery preservation tool.

For those of you willing to leave your phone completely unprotected, even at the lockscreen, it can now be disabled for the quickest possible access from a power button wake-up to the homescreen. Not sure I could recommend turning off the lockscreen, though the lockscreen alone is not an anti-theft deterrent it could be used as your first line of defense. Think of all the people that will now become victims of unnecessary butt-dialing without a basic lockscreen!

So if the XDA-Developer member has this pegged correctly as a final version of Jelly Beans with Sense 4+ for the HTC One X… How long will it take for carriers like AT&T to bloat this thing up and ship it out over the airwaves for its customers? Anyone out there have their own time frame to speculate? Our guess is sometime in November as long as it does not interfere with the launch of the upcoming Windows Phone 8 smartphones, the HTC 8S and HTC 8X. Development for Jelly Bean across all manufacturers seems to be taking a bit longer than the last Android OS, Ice Cream Sandwich, but it will be nice to see HTC’s roll out begin with the phone that has been the biggest hit for them this year all over the world.

The source link also has a reference to better WiFi performance and we were wondering how HTC One X owners are doing out there with their WiFi connections. We have heard a couple of comments regarding poor connections or no connections at all to wireless networks.

Source: XDA-Developers

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  1. Greg

    Im not quite sure over the period of this article whether your predicting that jelly bean will come to the one x or if its a factual piece of information, im asking because my contract has ended but im holding back on starting a new one with the htc one x because its ice cream sandwich capabilites,
    Thanks much