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HTC Source | February 24, 2018

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HTC One X+ gets a full hands-on treatment – heading to the UK within the next few weeks

HTC One X+ gets a full hands-on treatment – heading to the UK within the next few weeks

HTC has just announce the HTC One X+, and our friends from Android Central have managed to spend some quality time with the device, revealing new details which had not yet leaked. All the major points about the HTC One X+ have turned out how we expected. The device features NVIDIA’s new 1.7 GHz quad-core Tegra 3 (AP37) CPU, 1GB of RAM and the same 4.7-inch laminated SuperLCD2 720p display as the original One X which is currently regarded as the best display on the market. The design of the phone looks identical to its predecessor, though HTC has given the device red accents around the front and back which will remind many of the HTC Sensation XE. While the HTC One X and One X+ may look the same, the new device is a little thicker since it accommodates a new audio amplifier for improved and a 2,100 mAh battery which should give the device a few extra hours of lasting power.

The HTC One X+ features the an 8 megapixel camera along the back with HTC’s ImageChip,  f/2.0 lens and a BSI sensor. The front camera has received a bit of an upgrade which includes a 1.6 megapixel sensor which can now tap into the HTC ImageChip and software tweaks which features a countdown timer for self-portraits.

As we expected, the HTC One X+ will run Android 4.1 right out of the box. Project Butter and enhanced notifications have been seamlessly integrated into HTC’s custom UI. Users also get access to Google Now which can be accessed by long-pressing the capacitive home key below the display.

HTC sense 4+ is the latest iteration of HTC’s custom UI. New software tweaks include an enhanced galley allopcation which sources your images from Facebook, flickr and other third-part photo sharing services along with the ability to organize your images by date, event or map location. A new “Sightseeing Mode” allows users to quickly jump back to the camera by pressing the power button if the device was locked or turned off while using the camera application.

On the entertainment side, the HTC One X+ is the first non-SONY device to be PlayStation Certified. Users will have access to a variety of PSOne and other PlayStation Suite titles. PlayStation Certified games will also work with HTC MediaLink HD so that users can stream their games to a large screen TV for a more enjoyable gaming experience. HTC is also launching HTC Watch 2.0 with the new device. The update to Watch includes federated media feeds from YouTube, ESPN, the Daily Mail and Eurosport so that users have a single application to enjoy their content.

The final HTC software feature that’s new on the HTC One X+ is a new service which allows users to remotely customize their home screen. Before even purchasing the device, users will be able to log in through a web service, change the icons, widgets and wallpaper and all their changes will automatically be ported to the deivce the first time it is turned on.

The HTC One X+ should hit store shelves in the UK within the next two weeks with 3G/HSPA support. U.S. customers are expected to see an LTE enabled version of the HTC One X+, but no launch timeframe has been given. It doesn’t look like the phone will be heading to T-Mobile and time soon, but an AT&T HTC One X+ looks like a sure thing.

Source: Android Central

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