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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC says a comeback is on the way

HTC says a comeback is on the way

HTC has had a run of misfortune over the past few quarters, but let us not forget that before the luck turned HTC had been on a six quarter streak of record-high sales. Now HTC plans to rebuild the brand and maybe even start fresh with a new slogan, ditching part or all the “Quietly Brilliant” slogan of yesterday.

The staff at CNET interviewed HTC’s marketing and sales lead, Jason MacKenzie for a look into how HTC plans to turn things around and tell us its story; one we hope you will grow to love.

One thing HTC plans to change is the joint marketing campaign that we think refers to the cheap plot carriers use to get customers to hand over their cash just to have a device that has “4G” in the name. While this may have come in handy last year when HTC was the first manufacturer to release a 4G smartphone on all the major carriers in the United States this year it has been nothing more than a waste of oxygen for people that have to spew it out when referring to a specific phone. An example of a phone that falls victim to this type of campaign is the HTC Evo 4G LTE. We really would have like to see the word “One” as part of this phones name; like HTC One Evo.

HTC wants to give all the spotlight to the unique features one encounters when using a device by the Taiwanese manufacturer. They plan to use celebrities , athletes, and super fans to highlight some of these features and to broadcast them using social media and other forms of broadcast media. Take for instance, some recent blog posts on HTC’s own website where a modeling photographer uses a HTC One X to do a photo shoot and a movie director does the same thing, but to make a short film. In those articles we are shown that we, as customers, have the same capabilities as a professional to produce quality photos and films without the help of expensive digital cameras.

Besides rebuilding the name HTC already stands for there are plans to break into new markets like China and India. We should also get to see how HTC handles the success of the HTC One series phones and gives them new life with a fresh release of flagship phones next year.

We hope the marketing focus and the next generation of handsets by HTC will be what people are looking for when selecting a smartphone or tablet. Although there are skeptics out there who think HTC will never reach the level of success it once had, the company is committed to deliver top quality smartphones and tablets supporting Android and Windows Phone 8 operating systems even with the upcoming iPhone and competitive sales from Samsung’s Galaxy lineup.

HTC’s Android user interface is mature and superior to its competitors, the physical design is built to last and unlike anything else on the market. With the right marketing direction, our beloved smartphone maker should be able to Wow! over some new and current Android fans. Rumor has it that HTC is geared up to take away some of Nokia’s spotlight with Windows Phone 8, as early as September 19th, with the introduction of a redesigned HTC hub for a bit of flare unlike any other Windows Phone on the market. Plus there will be a tier of phones to chose from.

Do you think HTC can get back some of the ground it lost over the past few quarters or will the struggle continue to spiral further out of HTC’s control?

Source: CNET 

About Andy Medders

With over a decade of IT experience working in and for the US Army, Andy has helped implement pilot programs using Android devices at work and helps others learn how to turn a smartphone into a tool for getting things done. He started a blog about HTC as an outlet to share HTC news without spamming his friends on common social networks, but decided to combine forces with HTCSource to have more of an impact on the HTC community. Andy has had an HTC in his pocket since the days of the T-Mobile MDA.


  1. sriu1

    hi htc u have all the capable to be a top smartphone manufacturer all the best

  2. Gabriel

    The problem they have with windows phone 8 is that Nokia have some very compelling free Nokia apps that puts them one step ahead on that platform. HTC will have to think of someway of countering that with some unique and compelling features of their own. On hardware they’re on a par (though I still don’t like the camera lens sticking out so much) and the rest of the software will be pretty much identical.

    Hope they do it.

  3. liljom

    I think HTC is a great company, and is capable to make it.
    They are userfriendly, easy to use and smart. They should remember, that hard work and focus on the user can get them out of this situation, not chasing profit.

  4. My Name

    I’d like to see HTC put out some decent keyboard phones again. Abandoning them was a stupid idea.

    • Newmexican

      I absolutely second that. I had the G1 and G2 at T-Mobile and am holding off on replacing my G2, as I want a new HTC phone with QWERTY keyboard. Their hardware feels so much better than anybody else’s.

      Hey HTC and T-Mobile, what about a new G3 ??????

  5. Snapdragon S4

    HTC needs a well known celebrity or athlete that can help promote them at a good price in their commercials. Somebody like Jeremy Lin, Dr. Dre, or anybody else that is even more well known by a wide range of demographics. When I ask random people at school why the bought a Galaxy S3, they simply say, “Samsung makes good TVs and electronics, so I thought I’d give their phone a shot.” Then they tell me that they have never heard of HTC. As long as HTC’s software and hardware holds well, a good, strong marketing campaign can greatly help them out in brand awareness.

  6. Kaffeguy

    HTC may make a good comeback. They need to to stick with Windows and Android devices. This year line of phones were very good. They need to tell carriers that they must keep the phones name so that consumers know what they are obtaining as when viewed at C.E.S.


    Is it true what i heard ? HTC gonna release phablet 5 inch disply ? i wish it happen so tht i soon get my hands on it

  8. ERFD

    I am a HTC user in Taiwan where the company develops and where some of its handsets are produced. Sadly, people holding Samsung in TW are more than those who hold HTC though HTC is our local manufacturer. Many reasons attribute to it and being a patriot or not is a huge dispute in TW.
    I believe HTC can 100% return to the status it had before as long as they adopt the correct strategy and have “real” celebrities to boost their sales.