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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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HTC One X+ price revealed in O2 brochure

HTC One X+ price revealed in O2 brochure

Months after the first HTC One X+ leaks, it finally looks like the handset will finally be announced. I picture of an O2 brochure has been spotted which prominently features the HTC one X+ with a price tag of £479.99 for Pay & Go customers. O2 is currently charging £399.99 for the original HTC One X. At first we were taken aback by the disparity in pricing, but HTC has beefed up the HTC One X+ just enough to justify it.

Along with a more powerful 1.7GHz quad-core NVIDIA Tegra 3 Plus SoC (which should also include LTE), the HTC One X+ features 64GB of internal storage. The brochure also confirms that the phone will come with Android 4.1, Beats Audio, an 8 megapixel camera and 25Gb of cloud storage through DropBox.

Besides the “coming soon” label plastered over the phone in the brochure, we don’t have a clue as to when the HTC One X+ will be hitting store shelves. How much longer are you willing to wait around for the HTC One X+?

Source: GSM Arena, thanks Kieran

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  1. Blaze

    Can only wait for that phone till November…. Cant stand waiting anymore.. Must resist…

  2. Aaron Wix

    If this phone doesn’t have 2gb of RAM, it is already outdated.
    Very sad since it is not mentioned. HTC needs to stop taking shortcuts. We would prefer a removable battery as well but we know that wont happen. Soon to be outdone by thier 1080p brother phablet on Verizon too. So appauling. What a waste of an “update”. My next phone will most likely be the iphone 5s in October of 2013, most likely on another carrier if Sprint doesn’t get thier 4G LTE to Seattle soon, and upgrade their pitifully slow 3G network. What good is unlimited data if my maximum download speed is 0.05 megabytes per second. Not to mention HD voice isn’t ready yet, and only works with other EVOLTE. AND NO JELLY BEAN YET FOR MY EVO LTE!? What are they thinking?
    I understand this is mostly SPRINT’s fault. But HTC you need to make sure the Carriers update the software and make relevant and flexible hardware.