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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Front side image of HTC’s new phablet gets leaked

Front side image of HTC’s new phablet gets leaked

Just short of being deemed an official phone, HTC”s upcoming hybrid smartphone/tablet makes another blurry appearance. This time the HTC 6435LVW shows off its big, wide screen and the location of the front facing camera. You can also tell that the USB port is located at the bottom of the phone instead of on the side like the HTC One phones and many other recent phones. There looks to be a protective rubber guard or something down there that breaks smooth line around the bottom of the phablet.

This picture along with a few other leaks from earlier in the week give us a solid suspicion that Verizon is giving HTC a shot at selling a nice competitor to the Samsung Galaxy Note and the LG Intuition on the number one network in the United States.

So many new phones have hit our pages this week and we are hopeful that all of them will make an official appearance in New York on September 19th at the event HTC recently sent us an invite for. Stay tuned to HTCSource as we will give you all the coverage of the event that we can get our hands on.

Kuddos to @Football4PDA for his busy week sharing HTC specs and pictures with us.

Do you have the inside scoop on exciting HTC news? Share it with us and we will be sure to give you credits if we posts on the info you shared. Email us at:

Source: AndroidCommunity

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