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HTC Source | January 21, 2018

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Unlock the Bootloader on the HTC Rezound

Unlock the Bootloader on the HTC Rezound

When you buy a shinny new HTC phone these days, a good amount of people expect to be able to do whatever they want to that phone… At least until they find out it comes with a locked bootloader and the only way to unlock it is to willingly void your manufacturer warranty using the unlock tool at

Good news for HTC Rezound owners! An elitist from the XDA-Developers community has cracked the code on the HTC Rezound with the HBOOT of 2.27. Vinylfreak89 used the same method found with the popular unlocking tool, Juopunutbear S-Off, but tweaked it enough to fix his messed up kernel and then some.

His claim to fame in this category will be short lived, since he announces in the link below that his method will be taken down when the team for Juopunutbear has updated their tool to do what he was already able to do. All the same, you gotta give credit where it is due and thanks to vinylfreak89 for taking it upon himself to open the gateway to unlocking the HTC Rezound without assistance from HTC and without officially forfeiting the manufacture warranty for the phone. Others should try to unlock their phone at their own risk!

Source: XDA-Developers

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