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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Taiwan Central Bank proposes an HTC bailout

Taiwan Central Bank proposes an HTC bailout

It’s no secret that competition in the smarthpone sector has had a devastating blow on HTC. Its market share has dropped, resulting in less than stellar quarterly earnings reports. In an effort to keep the company from collapsing, the Taiwan Central Bank Governor is asking its government to intervene. Taiwan suffered a huge 11.6-percent year-over-year decline in exports for the month of July, much of which could be attributed to HTC’s downward spiral in the markets.

We’re not exactly sure what the bailout proposal will look like or what HTC would have to agree to, but we’re not so sure that this is the best move for HTC. The company is still highly profitable and we expect consumers will give HTC another chance once the next round of flagship devices are unveiled.

Do you think HTC needs the government of Taiwan to step in to get the company back on track?

Source: Commercial Times

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  1. Bastiaan van Oossanen

    HTC Must name the faster device: HTC two X.
    It is just that simpel. You need to put the speed up with at least 30 procent.
    Just do the same as all the other firms have done.
    Make it faster then de Samsung S3 a little bit bigger and put the external microsd-card option in the device. Don’t go for 3D. And for I forget: A few millimeters extra is no problem for me when I gain in speed and batterylife. ps. I love my HTC One X.

  2. Frettfreak

    Bigger? You want bigger than the one x? That would be a phablet and really Imo shouldn’t happen. A little smaller would be great. I have a one s and it’s almost perfect!

    As far as a bailout goes they should wait it out. The one series is a whole new ball game and I think if they keep on the right track they can pull it off and turn things around.