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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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HTC Proto to launch as HTC Desire X?

HTC Proto to launch as HTC Desire X?

If you’ve been following the latest news on the HTC Proto, you may have heard that the device looks nearly identical to the HTC Desire V which launched in China even though rumors speculated that it would replace the HTC One V. Now we’re hearing that the HTC Proto may actually launch as an HTC Desire series device – the HTC Desire X.

The rumored specs of the HTC Proto put it a step ahead of other handsets in the HTC Desire, so the name does make sense. We thought it would be odd for HTC to replace the HTC One V with the Proto since the handset has not even been on the market for six months.

With the HTC Desire X, HTC seems to be establishing a clear line which devices the One and Desire series devices. The specs of the handsets do overlap a little, but the exterior design does set them apart. Do you think HTC’s strategy to create two sub-brands is good for consumers or does it simply add confusion when users simply want to know what devices are best for them?

Source: Slashgear via AndroidGuys

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