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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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HTC releases system update for AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G – Ice Cream Sandwich not included

HTC releases system update for AT&T’s HTC Inspire 4G – Ice Cream Sandwich not included

HTC updated the support page for the HTC Inspire 4G yesterday regarding a system update and unfortunately, we are sorry to report that it is not Ice Cream Sandwich or Jelly Bean. The maintenance package introduces users to a newer version of the Sense user interface (3.0), a task killer, AT&T’s phonebook, and several fixes to current functions like call optimization, better security, contact display fix in the SMS inbox, and improved method for using background data.

This update is for AT&T customers and is available over the air (OTA) or if that is too easy you can download the firmware and apply it manually by syncing it with your computer. Make sure you have at least 30% battery life, a few minutes to download and install, and remember not to pull your battery during the process, because you might put the phone at risk of never working again. Please be advised that HTC’s support page say the phone will reboot several times during this process so be patient.

Head over to the support page to read the instructions before you install and feel free to let us know how it goes.

Source: HTC Support

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  1. ~Mark~

    I have applied this update to my HTC Inspire and it has improved some nice features and improvements, however, I’ve noticed after the update that the original wallpaper size for this phone no longer works. I had numerous wallpapers saved before the update and now none of them work. Now I have to crop each wallpaper completely in half which in turn has ruined every wallpaper I had previously. Not too thrilled about this to say the least, and now I can’t figure out the correct pixel in which wallpapers must be in order to have the whole picture onto the screen. It used to be 960×800 but what has this update changed it to?

  2. Kailyn

    I downloaded all of this to my phone and now none of it will work properly. One item downloaded is an update to the messages. Now every time I go to read a text, it crashes. What’s the deal?!

  3. kozato

    I just updated my inspire 4g a few hours ago.. The sense 3.0 is great, I like it.. I never encounter any bugs since I updated it.. It works better than before.. But the battery life is shorter..

    • siva

      plz send me the procedure of update 2.3 to 3.0

      • siva

        please send me the procedure how to upgrade htc inspire 4g version 2.3 to 3.0 plz plz…

  4. divyesh mistry

    My mobile htc inspire 4 g not update plese tell us how update

  5. Jim

    HTC Inspire 4G system update will not install either by the OTA method or by downloading the update. when I try installing via the OTA, all I get is the error symbol, the robot standing by the triangle with the exclamation point in the center of it, at which point I have to pull the battery to make it reboot. When I try upgrading using a computer and HTC Sync, I get the message that the file I downloaded form the HTC website is not a valid .exe file and will not install. I have tried just about everything and it still will not install or upgrade.

  6. Lori

    I received this phone as a gift from a friend, who no longer needed it. AT&T will not push the update to my phone because I do not have their package for smart phones, although I have the unlimited data plan. How can I get the update? The play store is still “market” on this phone.

    • WvSweetie

      Not sure if you’ve been able to update your HTC Inspire yet, but if not…

      Dial *#*#682#*#*

      I did it this morning, and now my HTC Inspire is updated. Super simple. Hope it works for you!

      • frankie

        hey i just did that and it updated to 2.3.5 version but i hear u need 4.0 or better for instagram videos and what not . any ideas on how to get those ?