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HTC Source | February 18, 2018

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Rumor: upcoming HTC phone to feature 1.6 GHz quad-core Qualcomm S4 chip

Rumor: upcoming HTC phone to feature 1.6 GHz quad-core Qualcomm S4 chip

The HTC One X is an amazing piece of hardware, but what if we told you that HTC is already working on a new flagship device which put the One X to shame and even eclipse the Samsung Galaxy S III. Rumor has it that an unnamed HTC device is already operational, running on Qualcomm’s latest 1.6 GHz quad-core Snapdragon S4 chip. Along with Qualcomm’s later chip set, the HTC handset is said to feature 2GB of RAM, an 8 megapixel camera and a 4.7-inch 720p HD display.

HTC has made it clear that all their flagship devices would be launched under the One moniker, but we’re not exactly sure what name will be bestowed on this mystery device. We don’t expect the launch of this new device for at least another 3 months, so we wouldn’t really recommend holding off the purchase of the HTC One S or One X if you’re in dire need of a new phone.

Source: Smart DROID

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  1. Noel

    One of this rumored device has my name on it. I want a One X like device with a bigger removable battery and external SD card expansion slot on Tmobile USA. Also will hope HTC can drop the height of the rumored device to about 130mm..with reduced bottom and top bezel..won’t mind a device with onscreen buttons. One more thing..can HTC go back to putting the micro USB on the bottom end of their devices instead of on the left side. Left handed users can’t comfortably use their device while charging. Please HTC give us more leaks in terms of specs on this upcoming monster before some of us jump on the GS3…i am badly in need of a mega device but i can hang tight for a few month if i know for sure HTC has us covered. I doubt some of us will wait long hoping that this rumored device will come to fruition without anything semi concrete to go by. I had already decided to go with the GS3 since it is the only best thing on Tmo now…but all that could change, just give us some more on this rumored One XXL

  2. kenneth

    HTC, Samsung is taking advantage of these small mistakes, well in the future remove the sd card but uas per now u are still fighting Apple in court. So its not the right time to do that. And I have seen yo new HTC phones swyping left to right, please and please, maintain HTC , galaxy s 2 sold only because of the camera. Do not temper with your user interface, I think its still the best on smart phones. The pull down window should remain white not black like Samsung. I had the galaxy s 2 but gave it to my wife and remained on sensation but she also admires my sensation. The only different is on the camera.

    • spectremANDROID

      I agree. Assurion shipped me a GS2 as a replacement for my lost EVO 3D just today and one of the things I’m hating most is the patchy blackness and grayness throughout the über cartoony interface. The list goes on, but I’m trying to be open minded and get used to it before truly passing judfement but its now very hard for me to belive that I thought my EVO was a dog.

      I intended to get sell this back at the beginning of August for an EVO 4G LTE but I’ll wait for a phone like this!

  3. Surgio Armani

    I hope this rumor is true and I hope this phone is coming sooner, rather than later. I like stock Android and always used it though I wasn’t necessarily against Sense. Of all the custom UI’s, its leaps and bounds above the rest. Now is actually the first time I feel really compelled in seeking out another stock Android phone. Jelly Bean is just too clean, too pretty, and too interesting to put a skin over it.

    The UI is really beside the point though. The SG3 runs Touchwiz, which is awful, and those are flying off the shelf. HTC needs to step up the plate without dumb mistakes here. No removable storage? Ok, then it better have at least 32 GB on board. No removable battery? Ok, well it better last a long time, even if it means a little more bulk. I don’t need a phone that’s so thin I’m afraid I’ll break it anyway.

    The camera was a big step in the battle vs the iPhone. HTC just can’t lose sight over what makes them successful vs other Android devices. My contract is up in 2 weeks. I can wait MAYBE 2 months before picking up a new phone. I really hope we hear some promising specs (and that this phone will be on TMobile) by that time.

    • spectremANDROID

      I also agree about jellybean. Its the first Stock Android iteration that borders on beautiful. But, in the end, I’m on Sprint, so if this HTC supephone releases in 3 months, it’ll likely be three to six months after initial release when I finaly see a version of it.