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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Peter Chou claims company strategy is correct – more time needed to turn things around

Peter Chou claims company strategy is correct – more time needed to turn things around

At HTC’s annual shareholder meeting in Taoyuan, HTC CEO Peter Chou reassured investors that “The company’s direction and strategy is correct, we need a bit more time.” HTC has been struggling to meet its sales goals for the past nine months, but the company is confident that the new HTC One line is strong enough to steer things back in the right direction and help reverse the tides.

Just last week, HTC adjusted its revenue projections for Q2 due to lower than expected sales of its new flagship devices in Europe and a three week U.S. Customs block on several of its devices entering the United States. There’s no guarantee that HTC will sell as many devices as they hope, but customer and tech blog reviews have made it clear that the HTC One S and HTC One X are far better than the devices HTC produced in 2011.

We’re hoping HTC can turn things around in the second half of this year, but we have a feeling HTC will need a lot more than the current One line to compete with Samsung’s new Galaxy S III and the U.S. and European markets. Do you think HTC’s current devices are strong enough to fend off competition from the likes of Samsung and the upcoming new iPhone?

Source: Bloomberg

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  1. Noel

    I seriously think HTC needs to make a souped up version of the One X….or what i will call One X on steroids destination Tmobile… heck Sprint has their own version so why not. If u ask me i will honestly say the One X is a better device than the Samsung GS3 but the omission of two key specs ( bigger replaceable battery and micro SD card expansion slot) that many crave for has given the GS3 a slight edge in terms of desirability. Also the unavailability of the One X on all the major carriers or to all who want it for their customers also goes to stunt the sales of an other-wise monster device. Would like to see a One X like device OR maybe the HTC JB Nexus with the following specs: 2GB RAM, 32/64GB internal memory, a micro SD expansion of 64GB, bigger replaceable battery 2500+mAh, 4.7″ IPS2 HD 720p/1080p screen, 10 to 16Mpx rear and 2 to 4 Mpx front cam, a device abt 130mm tall and abt 10mm thin. As a template HTC should look at the Sensation XL with its 4.7″ screen and only 132.5mm tall with a lot of extra bezel space at the bottom which can be reduced even more to make it 130mm in height. OR on the same form factor with a bigger 4.8″ screen but with onscreen buttons getting rid of the capacitive buttons. Also they should have the Nexus one design in mind when doing this…utilize arc-oxidation metal component around the device for rigidity and use the One X ceramic material for the back cover..a back cover akin to that of the Sensation XL which covers the whole back. HTC if this is not in works already…PLEASE GET TO WORK I need my HTC JB NEXUS or a souped up One X for Tmo with vanilla Android or at least dual boot vanilla and HTC Sense.