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HTC Source | December 14, 2017

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HTC’s bark recognition app may be a joke, but HTC could be working on S Voice/Siri competitor

HTC’s bark recognition app may be a joke, but HTC could be working on S Voice/Siri competitor

In keeping with its pet theme this week, HTC has posted an image on Facebook which shows off a bark recognition application. The image above says it all. A dog barks and the app recognizes what the dog is saying. While some of you may find an app like this quite handy, HTC claims the image was created in good fun.

However, we still think that HTC may have something they are still not telling us. Both Apple and Samsung have their own voice recognition and personal assistant technology built into their latest devices, so it wouldn’t be too far of a stretch if HTC was working on their own solution in order to be competitive with its two main rivals.

Personally, I’ve never been a fan of voice control, mainly because I feel awkward talking to my phone when I could simply tap a few buttons and know exactly what the outcome will be. What do you think of Samsung’s S Voice and Apple’s Siri technology? Should HTC pursue their own voice recognition and personal assistant solution or should they just wait to see what Google has cooking in their top-secret lab?

Source: HTC on Facebook

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  1. Kaffeguy

    I understand at first you feel strange talking to your phone or like in my case the in home security system. If medical dictation systems are able to recognise so many accents and they spell with 96% accuracy, voice command on phones will be very handy when driving or when engaged in other activities. Definitely I’m for it for when I drive.

  2. I also don’t think it’s for me, but HTC needs to do soemthing to differentiate it from the pack of other manufacturers. I wonder whether they would get this to work for Android phones only or also for Windows Phone 8. The latter I think will be a key market for HTC. It is a platform that will clearly grow, and given that Samsung has practically won the Android userbase battle, HTC needs to differentiate itself within the Windows operating system, something that it can’t just do using HTC Sense.

  3. Bub Horne

    My last dog had such a distinctive bark vocabulary there is something here. I mean there is something in bark recognition. I live across the street from a big high school and my office is in the basement. His bark was distinct for other dogs, cyclists and people getting in and out of cars in the street. Loud vicious, short duration. His bark if there was someone on the front stairs, was longer, lower, softer, of longer duration, he stopped barking the minute he achieved recognition and would continue to bark until I came up stairs. I would love to have an app. that tracked my dog’s current vocabulary. The data could save lives, if you think about it.