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HTC Source | January 19, 2018

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Consumer Reports rates the HTC One X, One S and EVO 4G LTE as the best phones on the market

Consumer Reports rates the HTC One X, One S and EVO 4G LTE as the best phones on the market

While we’re always singing the praises of HTC’s handsets we’d understand if someone didn’t trust our recommendations. With a name like HTC Source, it’s not hard to deduce that we run an HTC fan site. But what if we told you that an independent source has done its due diligence in reviewing HTC’s latest handsets and has rated the HTC One S, HTC One X and HTC EVO 4G LTE as the top handsets on their respective carriers.

According to Consumer Reports, HTC has the three hottest smartphones currently on the market. It’s one thing if a tech blog gives the HTC One S, One X and EVO 4G LTE a good rating, but Consumer Report is intended for the general public and carries a lot more weight than any tech blog ever will.

Unfortunately, HTC’s reign at the top is not expected to last long. The launch of the Samsung Galaxy S III is only days away and rumor has it that the phone could turn into the best smartphone for the first half of the year. Hopefully HTC can capitalize on Consumer Report’s rating and push out a quick promotion to highlight their lineup before the Samsung Galaxy S III gets reviewed.

Do you agree with Consumer Reports’ assessment of HTC’s new flagship phones? Do you think Samsung will steal HTC’s spotlight before they are able to capitalize on it?

Source: Consumer Reports via: Forbes

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  1. zappa

    Yes, but this company don’t care about customers. I (and hundreds of other users) have a defective screen on HTC ONE X with a 1mm gap between the glass and the phone’s body and HTC does not want to exchange the product.
    Instead they want me to pay to send my BRAND NEW $700 phone to a shop to be serviced. Nice HTC thank you.

  2. zappa

    and here is what they say;

    I can definitely understand your being concerned about there being a gap between the top of the screen and the body of the phone. I’ll be glad to help you, Axxx. I would be extremely concerned about the gap in your phone. If you can actually see inside the phone, it’s very possible that humidity, sweat, and dirt can enter and damage the phone, even in the short term. I would first suggest contacting the retailer you purchased your One X from and see if they can exchange yours for a different one. If for some reason they cannot replace the device for you, we have a repair department that can service your device. You can contact them by calling 1-888-617-1113. They’re available from 06:00 am – 01:00 am EST, 7 days a week. Make sure you have your One X with you if you call, as they will need its serial number to process the repair.

    If you have any other questions or concerns, feel free to let me know. Thanks for being an HTC customer and taking the time to contact us.

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    • How much do they want to charge you for sending it in for warranty repair? I don’t see anything in the email response that claims there is a charge. I have send a in a phone for warranty repair in the past but have never been charged. They send a pre-paid shipping label and take care of everything.

  3. zappa

    by the way dont buy this phone from EXPANSYS (if you still want to buy this crap) EXPANSYS buys defective devices and sell to customers as brand new and then refuses to exchange it. Be aware, go Apple at least they are a bit more honest.

  4. Ben

    a bit more Honest ? They wants the customers to pay another guaranti for 2 years !
    But there is a guaranti with the purchase of the device. Then you have 2 same guaranti, but you paid one, and the other one is free. A bit more honest you said ?

    • Ben

      I speak about Apple, Sure

  5. Jorgen

    Simple need to bring some comments. Just acquired the One S few weeks ago and must say I’m everything but impressed. Came from the Desire S which I thought was a decent, reliabe and good working phone. Getting the One S is a total set back, not a step up. It’s slow, re-setting for no obvious reason, shutting down sessions etc etc. WiFi also creating loads of problems, some it connect to swiftly, others impossible, keep telling the password was typed incorrectly although it is not. Stay away from this phone is my advise.

  6. HTC ONE S mobile handset is a sleek and stylish device comes with excellent features. This smartphone supports a large 4.3 inch Touchscreen display with 16 Million colors. HTC ONE S supports Android Ice Cream Sandwich OS and a powerful 1.7 Ghz processor. This phone can handle most tasks well with its powerful features. HTC ONE S support 16 GB internal memory for all your music, movies and contacts etc. The smartphone offers 3G, USB, GPRS, EDGE and Bluetooth connectivity.

  7. Anne

    This is just falsehood. HTC rates poorly on battery power compared with other phones. But the rating is just bunch of misconception at best The Motorola phone Droid Maxx was rated as best compared with the iphone. I had an HTC phone and was highly dissatisfied with its mediocre performance. Even the apps were crashing with the other apps that was previously successfully installed onto the HTC phone. I went back temporarily to the dumbphone( the flip phone) before I went to Motorola phone Droid Maxx.