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HTC Source | December 16, 2017

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Official: HTC tablets will not be updated to Android 4.0

Official: HTC tablets will not be updated to Android 4.0

HTC’s official Android 4.0 update list includes the majority of the phones which have been rolled out within the past 12-18 months. We’re glad HTC will be keeping most of its newer phone up to date, but we did miss one important piece which was tucked inside HTC’s list. HTC’s Android tablets (the HTC Flyer, EVO View 4G and Jetstream) will not be updated to Android 4.0.

HTC did not explain why their tablet lineup was being abandoned. When it comes to hardware, the HTC flyer variants and the HTC Jetstream have more than capable of handling Google’s latest Android built. But the issue probably has more to do with HTC’s tablet strategy than anything else.

When HTC originally released the HTC Flyer, the idea was to offer a unique product with HTC Scribe pen integration which would help differentiate HTC’s tablets from the competition. Being an owner of the Flyer, I can definitely day that HTC took the right approach. But as good as the HTC flyer and HTC Jetstream are, the Android tablet segment does not offer a great return on investment. Players like Samsung and Amazon have had limited success, but it’s hard to determine if they have been profitable in the segment.

If there are no profits to be made in tablets, HTC will keep its focus on the smartphone segment. Updating the HTC Flyer and Jetstream to Android 4.0 may sound like a simple task to us, but it would require HTC to create a new HTC Sense skin for Android 4.0 which would be delivered to an incredibly small number of customers. The return on investment simply isn’t there.

Fortunately, the development community for the HTC Flyer is very close to releasing several different Android 4.0 builds. There are still some glitches to be worked out, but if you’re willing to root and flash an unofficial build to your HTC tablet, Android 4.0 is within reach.

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  1. richard

    Must say very sad to read this. I only brought the flyer as different from all the other tablets. Having just updated to the HTC One X I just feel let down by HTC, should have gone for the Samsung S3 and a fruit based tablet, HTC very upset and let down.

    • saliya

      I can’t call to Skype please update android4.0

  2. kelemen

    HTC Sucks, I brought the htc flyer because it was different,and i stuck with android 3.2 with very mutch bugs.tanks htc!

  3. HTC Never again

    I was a big fan of HTC until I found out they are not updating the Flyer to 4.0 ICS. I will not buy anything that bares the HTC logo from this day forward.

  4. Jeffrey Burger

    OK! No ICS? At least fix HoneyComb! I can’t believe that Flyer owners are being abandoned like this! Even Pandigital supports their low -end devices better than HTC!

  5. Egor

    OK. That is last time I’ve purchased something from HTC. Last piece of crap.

  6. peer

    No more updates on flyer = no more htc for me. Bought myself a tab2 and lg nexus, not because they are that good but only because they are NOT HTC

  7. jd

    I played online with the WiFi hotspot and after the new update I have made I can’t get my ps3 signed on the internet! Thanks for nothing

  8. pogingbagsik

    Bought a jetstream last month, so sad to know this thing will stuck on android 3.2. Thinking of getting little profit by making this thing upgradable, you’ll lose more rather than gaining if you don’t make both flyer and jetstream to 4.0. Not only this 2 product, but it’ll affect the whole company itself for doing nothing. Disappointed!

  9. Mark

    Ive owned HTC mobiles and Flyer now for several years, the ONE and no ICS for the Flyer means Samsung gets my money now…byebye

  10. Krishan

    Never buy HTC Tab, very bad i am very upset.

  11. kikoo

    Sorry, But NO more HTC,am so sad to read it, but now am so sad, better to buy another tablet

  12. Jaydy Kendy

    Pls i need assistance, i cannot make calls with my htc jetstream tablet. but it pop-up missed calls notification. pls anyone with the solution.

  13. masoud

    This is very bad for htc company I am so sad about this but I wish that they update theire tablet to the newer versions

  14. yasin

    what?? Just like that? Kalau begini caranya bagaimana kalian (htc) bisa mengimbangi dominasi developer android yg lain? Jangan mimpi dah! Htc hanya bikin device sampah yang tidak bisa mengikuti perkembangan! Dibanding galaxy tab yang hanya setengah harga htc flyer, htc flyer kalah jauh!

  15. Olga T

    SOS.. I am very very disappointed. I recently bought (3 weeks ago) an HTC jetstream tablet…. I am ao surpised todaythat i can’t make phone calls nor recevive.. When someone calls me, it doesnt ring and whne the person drops, a missed call messages just pops up… I can not send nor receive sms neither… What am I supposed to do? even skype i haveinstalled and viber, I can?t use them there are constantly bugs… Even playstore when i try to open it, before it completely opens, i get a message saying that playstore has unexepectedly stopped working … Pls i need assistance, i cannot make calls with my htc jetstream tablet.

  16. update android 4 tblet htc jetstream

  17. update tblet htc jetstream android4

  18. مهدی

    سلام آمنه خانم دارن میگن آپدیت اچ تی سی جت استریم نمیاد
    واقعا ناراحت کننده است

  19. donya

    down with HTC,it,s really awful.I bought jetstream last week and I,m not satisfied at call no massage no WiFi …

  20. Mike

    I am very disappointed, with HTC for not updating the the Jetstream or Flyer to android 4.0. With not doing this it has made, it very hard for me to keep up to date with things, my JetStream is my life line to my family while on the road. I feel this was not very wise decision in the right path for the company. I belived very strongly in the Company. But know it looks like I will be making a move back Window based devices.

  21. sven

    i will NEVER buy HTC again, such an expensive tablet. They abandoned their product less than 2 years after release. SHAME ON THEM!!!!!!! I will make a Social Campaign against HTC!!!! I want resolution and satisfaction.

  22. Thomas

    i paid premium dollars for the Jetstream for the build quality and now HTC abandon’s me.
    I’ll never purchase HTC products again nor would I recommend them to anyone.

  23. Jack

    you all htc company let me down really bad and i feel bad. this tablet is capable to do a lot more than someone can imagine and you all had just threwed it through the window.

  24. Sajith Manayill

    What HTC has achieved by doing this is to make their loyal Android users look Ridiculous! Come to think of it, HTC never cared about open source in the first place!. Never hope to buy any HTC product to catch up with this in future.

  25. david brinton

    I can’t believe anyone would buy anything from HTC considering their history of updates. We live in Asia and spent a lot more for our HTC than what comparable Chinese phones sell for. We did it because we expected to be able to update to newer versions of Android. We were promised in their advertising that we could update to newer versions. But, no, they lied. We’ve bought 5 Chinese phones since we got our HTC and are very happy. When a phone is too out of date, we sell it for cheap and move up to a new Chinese phone. I would never buy another HTC.