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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Update: HTC One X software update squashes bugs, improves handset performance

Update: HTC One X software update squashes bugs, improves handset performance

HTC started pushing out a second software update for the Tegra 3 powered HTC One X. The new 1.29.401.7 software update for unlocked/unbranded handsets in Europe is 35MB (larger than the last update) and includes a lot of small changes which should make HTC One X owners quite happy.

Some of the bug fixes and performance improvements include improved Android 4.0 application detection (removes the black menu bar from the bottom of the screen), HTC Sense calendar bug fixes, updated radio (1.26.401.2), improvements to Beats Audio integration and overall speed improvements.

It’s encouraging to see HTC pushing out updates for the HTC One X this quickly. Carrier branded versions of the One X will most likely receive the 1.29.401.7 OTA update within the next few weeks.The latest update doesn’t address the screen flickering issues which have been afflicting quite a few HTC One X owners, but HTC will most likely have a fix for that sometime soon.

UPDATE: We’ve been informed that the changelog we posted contained wrong information about the 1.29.401.7 update. We will update this post once more details are available.

Source: XDA-Developers via Phandroid

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  1. I think it’s important as HTC sales are unlikely to be quite like Apple’s – i.e. a queue of people waiting around stores for the new phones (except for a few affecionados!)

    Instead, people will steadily updgrade their phones, and those people need to be happy with the HTC One X straightaway and stay so. This way they’ll remain loyal HTC customers. It’s no good making people buy a phone and then they think it’s rubbish – that’ll have the opposite effect and put them off another HTC at the next upgrade.

    The 25GB Dropbox deal is clearly also aimed at customer retention. Everyone keeps talking about how great 25GB of Dropbox storage is, but it’s only for 2 years. What happens at the end of that? Simple – it’s likely that the only way to keep that is to buy another HTC phone, making customers think twice about switching phone maker.

  2. zappa

    I don’t trust HTC. I was one of the first buyers to pay $700 on a Desire a few years ago and HTC never heard one single appeal from the Desire users. The sync software never worked. When I needed a back case cap HTC told me that they don’t care spare parts and I should Google and find it on the internet. Now, One X comes with a poor battery and I strong believe that a simple software upgrade won’t solve that to a master level. With $700 you can buy a nice laptop and in order to spend this money on a new phone it must be a top notch 100% marketable product. Nobody will pay twice for a phone that does not work as expected. That is true, my HTC Desire still working well however in order to me to pay another $700 it will require HTC to give me much more than a white case.

    • Lynden

      You don’t trust HTC, have nothing good to say about their aftercare or their products, yet you still use a Desire (which is quite an old phone now) and still read a HTC news blog… seems you just like to moan to me…

      • Dean

        Problem with the desire was not enough internal phone storage.

        This can be fixed by flashing the phone and creating an app2sd partition on your SD card. This essentially allocates a portion of your SD card to your phones system storage.

        HTC can’t provide updates for the Desire because the ROM’s are bigger – therefore eating up more space on the already poor storage.

        HTC will never admit they dropped the ball in the first place, and I doubt they will condone using app2SD as an official means of update. There’s too many ways to cause it to go wrong.

        I do agree that HTC should provide spares for the parts that can be replaced . I.E back cover, headphones etc etc. But at the same time – If you can get them elsewhere its not exactly a big deal if it’s not an official back cover

      • zappa

        A $700 – 2 years old phone too old. You are a moron.

  3. Neilos

    In cell-phone terms, 2 years old is antique! technology moves unbelievably quickly and two years is a very long time…….your phone may have cost 700 bucks but its still old!

  4. Mantenner

    i love my one x no matter what