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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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HTC Sensation, Amaze 4G Android 4.0 update scheduled for June 16

HTC Sensation, Amaze 4G Android 4.0 update scheduled for June 16

HTC’s Ice Cream Sandwich update for the HTC Sensation 4G was supposed to be delivered last month, but a new T-Mobile document indicates that Sensation owners still have quite some time to go before the update is delivered. According to the T-Mobile document, the HTC Sensation 4G and HTC Amaze 4G are both scheduled to receive their respective Android 4.0 updates on June 16th.

HTC and T-Mobile never committed to a date for the HTC Amaze 4G Android 4.0 update, but we’re still trying to figure out what went wrong with the software update for the HTC Sensation 4G. The last story we ran on the topic indicated that T-Mobile had discovered radio issues during testing and had sent the software back to HTC. We know it takes time to iron out all the minor details in a software update, but we certainly didn’t expect a radio issue to kick the update down the road by two and a half months.

At this point, all we can do it wait. The HTC Sensation 4G and HTC Amaze 4G are incredible phones and the Android 4.0 update should make them even better. Are any of you tempted to root your device and update it with one of the many leaker ROMs which have been available since the early part of the year? Or would you rather sell your phone and replace it with the new HTC One S?

Source: TmoNews

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  1. Christina

    That is a long wait!! 🙁 But I just bought my HTC Sensation 4g in February of this year so I’m willing to wait. I paid like $580 for my phone so NO I wouldn’t go buy the HTC one S. I also don’t think I will try to use one of the leaked Rims, to scared of messing up my phone! June 16 is awhile off but I think it will be worth it to get a good and stable update!

  2. Agheorghicesei Catalin

    I have a friend with a HTC Sensation, bought from UK and right now he is using it in Romania.
    About a month ago he had the update to ICS 4.0.3 available…
    Does this has something to do with the location where the phone is bought or the update is thrown thru the operator network update schedule?

  3. Ben babu Jacob

    I have bought my new htc amaze in India but it doesn’t get any updates it is now working the older version please give me the information that I need to do???

  4. nitul

    Htc update

  5. sunny

    Still 9 months left what the hell.