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HTC Source | February 20, 2018

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Video: HTC One X commercial and stress test

Video: HTC One X commercial and stress test

It’s been a busy day, but things keep getting more interesting. We know HTC has an amazing marketing campaign planned for the HTC One, but we finally have the first commercial  that HTC plans of releasing to the public. The ad features a fashion skydiving photo shoot in which a photography student uses the HTC One X as his only device to capture video and pictures simultaneously as he’s flying through the air at 126 miles per hour. The ad is expected to launch in early April and should give consumers a good taste of what the HTC One’s camera is capable of.

The second video shows off the HTC One X as it undergoes stress testing. The HTC One X was placed into a clothes dryer to show how it holds up to multiple falls. The device is actually turned on during the test and was apparently tumbled around for several hours. We’re sure your HTC One X will get scuffed up quite a bit if you drop it on the screen, but it looks like the phone should stay in one piece.

There are a lot of videos and new information about the HTC one going around the web right now. we can’t get to them all, but we’l be sure to bring you the most interesting ones we can find.

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  1. Agheorghicesei Catalin

    that was a washing machine in the second video ?

  2. Flyingjoe

    If you watch closely, you’ll see that in the skydiving video he has his fingers in front of the camera’s lens through the fall. This commercial is a fake… Unless it’s the best camera out there, that can see through human fingers.