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HTC Source | February 19, 2018

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Video: HTC shows off the HTC One S micro arc oxidation process

Video: HTC shows off the HTC One S micro arc oxidation process

Since the early days of Android, HTC has been playing around with unique handset design material in an effort to give their customers a product which stands out in the crowd. With the HTC Hero, HTC introduced a Teflon coated body which eliminated fingerprints and the HTC Legend introduced us to the aluminum uni-body shell which has now become synonymous with HTC’s high standards in design.  These days, HTC is still using aluminum uni-body shells for many of its phones, but they have decided to step things up a notch when they introduced the HTC One S at Mobile World Congress.

The HTC One S exterior shell in made of a single piece of aircraft 6,000 series aluminum that is treated with micro arc oxidation to give it ceramic properties and make it five times stronger. The micro arc oxidation process blasts the aluminum shell of the HTC One S with 10,000 volts which cause a microscopic chemical reaction which even changes the color to a soft black. The HTC One S is the thinnest phone HTC has ever made, but they wanted to make sure that it was durable enough to withstand the regular torture many of us put our phones through on a daily basis. HTC even claims that the HTC One S does not need a protective case to keep the handset safe.

Take a quick look at the video and let us know what you think. Should HTC treat all their uni-body aluminum shells with micro arc oxidation?

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Tech enthusiast, Android user and founder of the first HTC blog – Nick Gray has been blogging about HTC phones before most people knew what a smartphone even was. Over the years Nick has owned and tested dozens HTC devices and is constantly flashing new ROMs to his Android phones.


  1. Paul


    I have an HTC HD2 Tmobile running the Mobile Professional 6.5

    i would like to know if I need to move to Android what kind of advantages can I get or it is better to start with the original OS.

    One of the things that I don´t like of my HTC HD2 it is that I cannot play with my browser Flash media and i cannot install the whatsup messenger

    But i feel happy with my HTC it is very stable and very resistant
    any advice ?

    • DROID Sam

      Ditch Windows Mobile and go with Android. You won’t regret it.

    • Paul – The HD2 is a remarkable phone. If you feel comfortable, check the forum, find a Gingerbread or higher ROM and go for it! Android was built for Google services and if you use them, you will love Android. Plus the OS runs so well with the HD2’s hardware. Enjoy!