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HTC Source | January 18, 2018

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Update: Second set of HTC One sample images leave us a little underwhelmed

Update: Second set of HTC One sample images leave us a little underwhelmed

Update: HTC has just posted anther blog post which again talks about the amazing camera features on the HTC One. This time, they’ve uploaded a video of two XDA members who had the opportunity to play with the phone for a few hours. In their words, the HTC One “makes my Nikon D80 at home look like trash.” Certainly a glowing review, but we’ll wait to get our hands on the phone before we give it our vote of confidence. Check out the video below and be sure to click through the image gallery which features a few extra shots taken with the HTC One in Barcelona during Mobile World Congress. 

Last week, we showed you some pictures taken with an HTC One phone. It was obvious that the phone was handed to a professional photographer who took advantage of the advanced features available in the HTC One camera. Some complained that the images were over-saturated or over-exposed, but it’s hard to deny that they were pleasing to the eye.

Fast-forward to this week and we have a new set of images to look at courtesy of the HTC Blog team. HTC’s Larry Meadows and Wyatt Lewin took a little hike up Camelback Mountain in Arizona and decided to take along the HTC One X to see what kind of pictures they would be able to capture. The results are certainly not as impressive as many of us would have hope for. While the images HTC showed off last week were vivid and full of color, this second set of images are dull, flat and pretty uninspiring.

Anyone who was hoping to buy the HTC One X based on the promise of an amazing camera with a dedicated imaging chip may feel a little betrayed when they see these pictures, but we’re not so worried. Larry’s blog post mentions that their climb up Camelback started before sunrise and we call tell from the pictures that they were always in the shadow of the mountain without getting any direct exposure the the sun. Most photographers will tell you that this is the ideal environment for taking pictures, but that’s only true if you’re taking portraits since since the even lighting reduces the shadows on people’s faces.

We’re hoping HTC will be showing off more pictures captured with the HTC One before you have to decide which phone you want to buy. Do these sample images change your opinion of ImageSense and the HTC One line?

Source: HTC Blog

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  1. Jason

    So is this post about the htc one X or the htc one…. ?

  2. Reuben

    Yeah doesn’t make sense this article if it’s about the One X?

  3. musso

    The whole naming of the ‘One’ just got confusing with HTC’s latest flagship. Doubt that this is about the new HTC One anyway as it highlights ImageSense and mentions nothing about UltraPixel. Also note that this article was dated 2012 as per link.