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HTC Source | February 21, 2018

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Update: HTC One world tour stops in Paris to take in the sights

Update: HTC One world tour stops in Paris to take in the sights

And just like that, HTC has posted another post on its blog, showing off pictures from its HTC One world tour stop in Paris. It seems like HTC reps are quickly making their way across the globe to show of the HTC One to as many consumers as possible before the HTC One launch on April 5th.

Unlike their past post, HTC did not upload full resolution images, but the cropped pictures still show off the advanced imaging capabilities found in the HTC One. The next stop on the HTC One would tour is Warsaw, Poland. From what we can gather, our friends from HTC have landed on Poland and may already be walking about the streets of Warsaw snapping pictures with the HTC One. If you happen to be in the area, we suggest you keep an eye out for them and you might be one of the lucky few who get to handle the HTC One before its release.

HTC has no released a schedule for its HTC One road trip, but we’re trying our best to figure out where HTC will be over the next few days and how you can meet up with them.

UPDATE: Our friends at HTC let us know that slow internet connection speeds are to blame for the small image sizes. Once they regroup, we may be treated to a batch of full-resolution images.

UPDATE 2: The first three images in the gallery are now full resolution. Enjoy!

Source: HTC Blog

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    The third picture is pretty sweet.