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HTC Source | February 23, 2018

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HTC blog announces HTC One world tour

HTC blog announces HTC One world tour

Want to check out the HTC One before you buy it? HTC has just announced their HTC One world tour in which they will be bringing their three new HTC One phones to dozens of cities across the globe to show them off to HTC fans. The latest HTC Blog post, notes that the media has been thrilled with the HTC One (and for good reason), but they want to make sure that regular consumers can get their hands on the devices to see what they are capable of.

The first cities on HTC’s list include Seattle, New York, Miami, London, Rome, New Delhi, Bangkok and Jakarta – with more cities to be added to the list in the coming weeks. HTC is still working out many of the details for the HTC One road trip, so be sure to leave them on comment on Twitter or their blog and let them know what city you want them to visit. We’ll do our best to keep you updated once specific dates and locations are announced.

Source: HTC Blog

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  1. Awesome!~

  2. tendai chiguware

    no african country on the map?…its bad living in the developing world

  3. Snoops27

    Why do 95% of manufacturers choose London for their shows etc., they should try Manchester or Birmingham for a change and give us Northerners a bite of the cherry for once. It might be alright for some folks but I’m disabled and a trip down to London means a lot of planning plus the expense of hotels for the necessary overnight stay. On the other hand, Birmingham is just over two hours away and Manchester about 45 mins. C’mon all you phone makers, there is life outside London you know !

  4. Mustafa Zaza

    Egypt? An event by the pyramids would be fascinating.

  5. Ivan Yap

    Is this part of the world tour?